View Full Version : Also had bad NWA/CDG flights...

02-13-2009, 09:14 PM
I flew last summer to CDG from Detroit (DTW) that was one of the worst flights i Have ever been on.. I would call it moderate turbulence the whole way..seat belt sign on the whole flight, flight attendents seemed to be very edgy and angry....probably the most scared I have ever been on an aiplane.And I have been on quite a few. The pilot made 1 small attempt for about 5 minutes to climb over, and gave up and flew straight threw it after that. It was funny , when all the passengers got on the plane it was loud as everyone was talking and happy to be going on vacation, half way through, dead silence except for the plane banging noises. I flew direct from DTW to AMS schipol, then on to Paris. Never take NWA or that route again.

Seems like Gander/maine has bad turbulence the whole year round.

Anyway, I am going from DTW-ORD-CDG this time, in march, hopefully will be better...