Just to follow-up on this flight, things actually turned out much better than forecast, IMO. The hop from MTJ to DEN was quick and easy, with just a bit of light-mod in the last few minutes of the flight. Before we took off from DEN, the pilot advised that the flight would be somewhat bumpy on climbout from DEN, but should then calm down. Shortly into the flight after some consistent light and some periods of what might have been moderate, the pilot let us know that the reports from our desired cruising altitude (36,000) were not good, with consistent moderate, so he opted to hang around 31,000 which was reported to be smoother. It was cloudy all the way into IL or so, and there was consistent light with some isolated periods of moderate. The seatbelt sign was on throughout the flight and we arrived a bit late due presumably to the lower than anticipated cruise. I have to say, the crew on the flight was the best I've ever experienced, I think. The flight attendants were cordial despite the frustrating conditions, and the pilot took the time to update us several times, even explaining the jet stream and how it was impacting our conditions. Thanks again for the forecast!