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  1. Hi,Introduction
  2. question
  3. Flight-3/5/06-BDL-DTW-RSW
  4. Miami this Wednesday
  5. afraid
  6. Hate flying, Love this site
  7. how long?
  8. to New York on Tuesday
  9. Colorado?
  10. puerto rico
  11. Question about runway lights
  12. Need Advice from all You Seasoned Travelers on Turbulence...
  13. Question about best time of day to fly
  14. Is there a "good time" to fly
  15. Why is the Atlantic map not updated anymore?
  16. winter storm in mid west
  17. Current Turbulence Patterns
  18. Thanks You Zero Neg.
  19. Edmonton to vegas
  20. CAT and jet stream charts
  21. Can you tell us about you, tb_neg?
  22. can you explain
  23. Pilots and turbulence
  24. Flying to Hawaii
  25. Near Misses ?
  26. Most flights are smooth - right?
  27. Video of a Wing Stress Test of a Boeing 777
  28. Wake
  29. S.E. Asia/Turbulence
  30. Flying in daylight or flying at night?
  31. Scared Of Flying. PLEASE HELP!
  32. Messages from the Cockpit
  33. Triggers and Remedies
  34. Bay of Bengal turbulence
  35. What kind of weather to avoid?
  36. 55km/h at jfk
  37. Flights to Europe- Turbulence over Newfoundland/Labrador Sea
  38. i changed flight!
  39. AA Good at Avoiding Turbulence?
  40. Very Nice New Features!
  41. Fear of flying since engine blown
  42. Jetstream
  43. would they still fly
  44. Interesting article on aviation.com...
  45. How Do you interpret this forecast screen?
  46. Hurricanes
  47. Fear of flying pleas help
  48. head & tail wind
  49. Websites with Good flying info. Any more?
  50. Where do you feel the fear?
  51. Does the size of the plane matter? safer?
  52. Best time of the year to fly to CDG from YVR
  53. Less Turbulent Season?
  54. Flying to Denver for the first time!!! Help
  55. pls pls help.single mom traveling w/ son!LAX to Philippines
  56. Frankfurt or Munich
  57. transpacific flight-march 7th or 9th?pls HELP!
  58. whats the diff betwn boeing 747 and 744?
  59. What has helped you conquer your fear of flying?
  60. Learjet Reports Extreme near Kirksville, MO
  61. Is it just me?
  62. Hate To Fly!!!!
  63. Flying in Wind
  64. is an airbus 340 a big plane??
  65. Which is worse to fly over land or water?
  66. Does everyone else hate the ERJ-135/145?
  67. Like Continental's 767/777's to EWR?
  68. Ride Reports?
  69. Wake Turbulence Video
  70. Best Airlines for Smooth rides? Southwest?
  71. Avoid the ERJ-170/190
  72. How is the Boeing 777 for safety and turbulence?
  73. NYC to Chicago - what airline?
  74. Chinese Airlines
  75. St. Croix
  76. Has anyone flew BA from newark to LHR??
  77. Flying over the Alpes??
  78. My story - a brief experience as a frequent flyer
  79. Boeing or Airbus in Turbulence
  80. flying on Horizon
  81. An effective way to feel less turbulence
  82. high fuel prices = more turbulence?
  83. Storm travel and tropical systems
  84. Flying in SE Asia in the summer
  85. Hope for the fearful
  86. Germany
  87. Small Altitude Changes
  88. new york
  89. Best Seat Location to decrease fear?
  90. Extreme today
  91. Early morning better for small jets?
  92. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
  93. Don't read if afraid of flying
  94. What's better aircraft in bumps?
  95. How do you determine the Weather?
  96. Dc-9
  97. Extreme over New England?
  98. Where to sit on a plane?
  99. Flying crom CLT to Min - NWA or USAIR
  100. Embraer 190 vs Airbus 319 for CLT - MSY
  101. listening to the pilots
  102. United Channel 9
  103. Flying to Europe
  104. Seat selection
  105. What caused this?
  106. Roller Coast Physics - G Force sensing Application for iPhone and iPod Touch
  107. Hawaii
  108. November Flights
  109. Query to Delta/NW re: plans for meteorology dept?
  110. Flying to florida on thanksgiving
  111. flight from brussels to new york
  112. Air Tahiti and Papatee
  113. Fascinating Northwest CAT incident
  114. preventing motion sickness?
  115. Flying Spirit MIA to ATL scared to death!
  116. How is Delta in turbulence??
  117. why don't most airlines use bigger planes on 4 and over hour flights??
  118. The jet stream and MWAV turbulence
  119. First Time Poster; Long-Term Turbulaphobe
  120. conflicting reports
  121. Suggestion for forecasting / reporting turbulence?
  122. Drinking before a flight?
  123. Also had bad NWA/CDG flights...
  124. How is american airlines in turbulence?
  125. Why does the area around Japan get such bad turbulence?
  126. How accurate do you find the TB forecast?
  127. Bad Rides Coming Monday?
  128. Paxreps Instead of Pireps
  129. turbulence- worse up or down?
  130. How will my flight be?
  131. Woman paralyzed in severe turbulence incident
  132. phl cdg tomorrow?
  133. Flights getting more turbulent?
  134. Air France
  135. Saw something mysterious from the air
  136. Why Turbulence in NYC tonight?
  137. This Sites Logo
  138. jetBlue leaves early
  139. Flying to San Juan from Dallas in Nov..
  140. Scopolamine Gel
  141. Aerophobia reached hysterical limits - kindly asking for help!
  142. N239jb
  143. If lots of green clouds on map - what should I expect?
  144. Which has more potential for problems - take off or landing?
  145. Small,small planes (6 seater)
  146. Getting my pilots certificate!
  147. What does this mean? Did this plane almost fall from sky?
  148. Any fearful fliers wish that they flew more often?
  149. Southwest Airlines---Was this reported here?
  150. Continental Emergency Landing In Miami
  151. What does this mean?
  152. London to Toronto
  153. F light 378 CDG to DTW Sept. 2 1:50pm
  154. Los Angeles to Miami
  155. United flight 7522
  156. Brazil honeymoon - concerned
  157. what's been going on in the midwest recently?
  158. Airbus a350
  159. Southwest Airlines - Some Kind Words
  160. Its the Trolleys I Fear
  161. Scared to death
  162. Traveling to NYC during Ida
  163. South Florida today
  164. type of jets most prone to turbulence
  165. Weather sites, and accuracy of upcoming travel
  166. Turbulence seems like no big deal after it's over
  167. United Channel 9 - great for nervous flyers
  168. US Airports to try and avoid for turbulence
  169. Best time o fly transatlantic
  170. I Heard American Airlines Crashed In Jamaica Last Night
  171. Jetstream, where can we find it?
  172. Snow and turbulence
  173. Question about possible turulence cause on flight from Dulles to Mexico City
  174. Hypnotherapy valid treatment for flight anxiety?
  175. Tomorrow will be a test
  176. IAD to LAX which airlines
  177. Flying transatlantic in Feb
  178. When did this become a Fear of Flying board?
  179. Are the skies calmer at night over the U.S.?
  180. Trnsatlantic in April
  181. puddle jumpers
  182. Medication
  183. Flying through severe turbulence?
  184. volcanic ash -- turbulence?
  185. heading to Europe
  186. freaking out a bit
  187. Best Time to fly transpacific
  188. boy am i smooth
  189. What does moderate turbulence feel like?
  190. Flying in South America
  191. Anyone try SOAR?
  192. How is the Atlantic looking?
  193. Just Flew from Newark to Vancover then Vancover to Hong Kong and back !!!
  194. Almost Canceled Ticket
  195. Windy day/turbulence
  196. In addition to lifting your feet off the floor...
  197. Los angeles lol
  198. What Do The Numbers On Turbulence Map mean?
  199. East Coast United States -- Really Rough this time of year?
  200. Help please
  201. Turbulence over the Rockies
  202. What has been your most turbulent flight?
  203. Safe to Fly Over Libya?
  204. How has the Pacific route been lately?
  205. Prevalence of 'air pockets'
  206. Los Angeles to Buenos Aires
  207. Why were lights on?
  208. What About Flying Do You Actually Fear?
  209. Anything help?
  210. Flying over Africa
  211. Flying to Las Vegas from Chicago/always rough?
  212. Please Humour Me
  213. Air over gulf south partic louisiana is always rough
  214. Chicago to San Francisco - how much turbulence?
  215. How to avoid turbulence flying into Grand Junction, CO...take southern route?? HELP!
  216. How can you tell if there is turbulence in the sky?
  217. What time zone are the turbulence maps for the USA? (VT vs UTC)
  218. I think I'm finally past my fear of turbulence
  219. London to US Flight Path
  220. Cruise wave map and surface winds maps
  221. A couple of thoughts
  222. Some questions
  223. Jet Stream Question
  224. Another Jet Stream Question
  225. HEAVY TURBULENCE being reported i'n colorado
  226. Severe turbulence in the Northeast tonight
  227. 2/25 - Moderate to Severe Turbulence in Northeast all day
  228. Major Euro Airports- any better or worse?
  229. Heavy Turbulence being reported between Houston and new Orleans La
  230. Changes In Altitude and Speed
  231. Happy July 4th
  232. Is [KDEN] really that bad?
  233. New turbulence advisory map on front page?
  234. Why there's only short-term (48h) Europe forecast?
  235. Severe Turbulence / Midwest USA 1/16/13
  236. Question: Discrepancy between pilot reports and forecast maps?
  237. What happened to the Air Force Turbulence Forecast?
  238. Question about severe turbulence PIREPS on East Coast
  239. South American turbulence 5/15
  240. How come the prediction shows light to med turb when weather is clear?
  241. This would be a dream come true!!
  242. How much does the plane move in turbulence?
  243. Flying through a bunch of orange pireps right now.
  244. Worst months for turbulence along US West Coast and/or in general
  245. Question: Jeppesen Forecasted Turbulence Advisories Map
  246. Any opinions about GNC L-Theanine 200?
  247. extreme turbulence PIREP
  248. How is turbulence forecasted?
  249. CAT Map blank?
  250. Pilot skills , Aircraft type, Seating position factors of turbulence?