View Full Version : Atl-den 4/4, den-atl 4/8

04-03-2010, 07:51 PM
I'm heading out to Colorado to meet up with some old friends and do some late season skiing-the best kind since the slopes are empty and the snow's still good! Frontier offered a buy one, get one free deal for ski passes, so, in addition to being a great airline in my past experience, it was a no brainer. In regard to turbulence good up until the descent into Denver. A usually bumpy approach could be made worse by some atmospheric disturbances moving through...nothing serious but it should be enough to wake me up in time for landing at least (I booked the 6:00 AM flight so that we could cram another day in of skiing...I know I'll regret that in about 8 hours!)

I'll keep you guys updated on both legs of course, wish me luck:)