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05-06-2010, 08:56 AM
This was a 777 aircraft. In his greeting the pilot said in French there would be medium turbulence but in English, moderate to severe, about 3 hours out. He even said they would try to get the service finished before then.

True to his word, somewhere over St. Pierre south of Newfoundland, the bumps started. A very few minutes later the captain told the flight crew to be seated and the passengers to secure their meal trays as best possible. I thought I felt something thumping in the hold below me. Quite a ride for a bit, one of the worst I have been on, and I fly a lot for work, and have been in planes hit by lightning and lived in the ICTZ for many years. It was quiet for a while, then it began again, but moderate rather than severe is my guess. Or we had become used to it. And to end the flight, a really bad landing.

Four things really helped. One, the map on this site which let me know it was coming. Two, speaking to someone across the aisle about nothing -- but she knew I was unhappy with the bumpy ride. Thirdly the pilot's forthcoming prediction and its verity. He also said how long it would last (half hour) and that was more or less right. Fourth, I was in Premium Economy in AF (my first time in this new product, good value as much less claustrophobic than economy) which was right over the wing. I cannot imagine this flight in the tail.

Anyone else cross the pond on Tuesday night?

05-06-2010, 11:13 AM
I'm glad the site was helpful.