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Flying to San Juan from Dallas in Nov..

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  • Flying to San Juan from Dallas in Nov..

    I am flying from DFW to San Juan P.R. on Monday November 9th and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with that route and or if anyone knows what kind of flight I should expect.

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    And just if anyone has ANY kind of info on this flight or on flights to San Juan in general would be helpfull.


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      I've been to Puerto Rico a few times.

      All I know is that whenever I landed there on a NY-San Juan flight, everyone clapped when we landed there. It's a tradition.

      Have fun. You'll be fine.


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        I've flown from MIA to SJU several times and I can't remember it ever being very rough. The last time I went, there was very light chop for a little bit, but never enough to turn on the seatbelt sign. If it's clear, it's a really neat to see all of the picturesque islands from 30,000 feet.


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          It will be ok

          I don't enjoy apsects of flying, especially the take-off and the approach to landing. However, I have to constantly remind myself that the people running the system are professionals, and more importantly, that the pilots are as much interested in self survival as me.

          In addition, I try to abide by some basic rules, which I'm sure most seasoned flyers will find irrational. I guess my rules give me some sense of control. Anyhow, my basic rules are to 1) fly during daylight hours, 2) avoid flying during extreme whether, such as very high winds or thunderstorms, 3) attempt to fly on newer equipment.

          Anyhow, getting from DFW to PR seems pretty routine to me. The only meanginful variable is weather, and perhaps you can have flexibilty if needed.


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            Although unreleated to the PR-DFW flight, I noticed the jetBlue was sending Tampa-JFK flights to Ohio and Pa into JFK to avoid weather last night.


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              See. Everyone claps when landing in San Juan.


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                I haven't flown into PR but I flew from Miami to the Bahamas in the heat of the day. Granted, it's only a 55 minute flight... I flew on Bahamas Air (my traveling companion refused to fly one of the AA ATRs - she "won't do propellers"). It was a 737, in name and structure only. I swear it looked like they had replaced the seats with park benches. Carpet was long gone, as was the cockpit door. If there were flight attendants, I never saw them. Amenities (ahem) aside, it was a spectacular flight - smooth as glass (and there were lots of the big white fluffy clouds that day) and the view out of windows (no shades!) was amazing.

                Colleagues of mine go to San Juan for work routinely and never remark on turbulence... since we all fly a fair amount, we do discuss our typical hotspots for crummy flights (Denver, SLC, delays at LGA and EWR, backups at ORD - our home airport).

                You'll love it, I'm sure!