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United Channel 9 - great for nervous flyers

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  • United Channel 9 - great for nervous flyers

    New to this site, and wish it had been here 7 years ago !

    After an encounter with Clear Air Turbulence in the late 80's, I became terrified to fly. As luck had it, my first job required me to fly all the time.

    I got over most of the worries, and then had a couple of other really rough flights that scared me to death again about 8 years ago. Got to the point I couldn't sleep the night before I knew I had to fly - and I was flying 30 or more times a year !

    What worked ? Well, simple repetition - I flew over 70,000 miles this year - obviously helps. However the one thing that worked the best ?

    United Air Lines Channel 9

    You can listen to live communication between Air Traffic Control and the pilots. You know when they are trying to avoid bad air, and you know when you're going to turn, or climb, or descend, etc. in advance.

    That little measure of control and knowledge really helped me.

    So if you're scared to fly - give it a try. Note that it's at the pilot's discretion, so it's not available on all flights, and not on their regional jets at all.

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    I had a particularly rough ORD-SFO flight a couple months ago, especially while over the Rockies. I listened as the crew asked ATC for a better FL due to the turbulence. Unfortunately, it was late at night, and ATC didn't have other reports for the area to make a recommendation.

    Even though the crew could do nothing about the turbulence, it was comforting to know that they were trying. It was also comforting to realize that, oh, if there are no alternatives, then we're fine continuing through this.