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Flying transatlantic in Feb

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  • Flying transatlantic in Feb

    I am planning on travelling transatlantic in Mid feb. I havent bought the ticket yet but will buy in day or 2. I have been always scared of flying, but after recent incidents over Atlantic by AF and the one by Ethopian airlines sacres me more, since both of them are related to lighthing in thuderstorms. I know the Jet stream is really low during winters and its not a good time to travel. Any tips on which airlines is better and what kind of aircraft is better/ more resilient to turbulence. Any heads up would be really helpful.

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    You need to relax and enjoy life. I'll be on Delta 153 from TLV to ATL on the 28th. Join me and don't be so paranoid.


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      I flew that delta flight on october and it was a great flight.Enjoy