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4/13 9:00 am ewr-bna ua4889

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  • 4/13 9:00 am ewr-bna ua4889

    Hello, I'll be leaving for Nashville at 9am tomorrow (Saturday) from Newark. Can you please provide a forecast? This flight is particularly unnerving because they changed the type of plane from an Airbus to an Embraer Rj145 which holds 48 people in a 1 by 2 row format. I'm 6'6, 280. We have a bulkhead row but the ceiling inside the plane is 5'10. Does this plane behave well in turbulence?

    I checked this plane's route history. It hasn't done this route before. Before it was doing a short trip to Buffalo or Syracuse. If a pilot hasn't flown to a particular location before does that cause concern? I have lots on my mind for this one.... fitting in the plane; comfort; pilot's knowledge of the route; and how this plane "feels" on takeoff/landing and also in turbulence.

    THANK YOU for any guidance.


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    Speaking from experience, I can say the ERJ145/175 is much more preferable to any of the CRJ's. The ride is much smoother in my opinion. ERJ is like an SUV whereas the CRJ is a small compact car (meaning, you will feel everything, including takeoff and landing much much more in a CRJ jet)

    Hope this helps


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      Thank you for that! The biggest issue with the smaller size of the plane (assuming I fit - but I'm not ne to complain about space), is just knowing 'how it flies'. I'm so used to Jets carrying 150-250 people that I know all the nuances of how the Jets react to weather and takeoff/landing. I know when I hear a certain sound - what it means. With the Rj145, we'll see. I hear it takes off at a steeper ascent for instance.

      Thanks again. Hoping for a good forecast turbulence wise at least.



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        Zoidberg! Thank you for the assist on this one, appreciated.

        EWR BNA 0900 1036 UAL4889

        Let me start with the easier ones. I wouldn't worry about the pilots knowledge of the route. One could not even determine from any data source if the pilot has done a route before. It's all pretty well controlled and detailed and honestly, hard to mess up. All airports have standard approaches, etc, it's all pretty regimented.

        I've flown a CRJ2 and I hate those small planes, I'm 6'4", and that was a 2 by 2, but for some reason I find the smaller planes oddly comforting. That doesn't make sense of course but there you have it.

        I have to duck a lot in a lot of planes, all my limited flying is predominately 757.

        It is a smaller plane, so you're going to feel bumps more than you would on a larger plane, no question, but, you can definitely have smooth flights in small planes and rough flights in large planes. Filed altitude is 36,000, so that's nice and high.

        I can't speak to it's turbulence performance.

        EWR conditions look rainy and a bit cloudy but otherwise ok, light to moderate on climb, light to moderate for the flight, and light to moderate on descent. You're into BNA before weather arrives. I don't see any concerns for anything heavier than moderate for that route.

        So, just some clear air bumps associated with the jet stream.

        So, perhaps not the forecasted you wanted, hopefully it won't be too bad. It looks ok at cruising altitude at least. It's probably the descent that looks the bumpiest.

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          Thank you for the information. I'll let you know how it goes. Light I'm fine with. Moderate I can take if it doesn't drop too much so my stomach feels it. Thank you again!