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    9/23 oak-abq wn2120

    Back to the southwest--hoping for a smoothie :) Thanks as always!
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    9/14 iad-mdw-oak wn886/3307

    Headed back home--hope the weather behaves. Thanks again!
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    9/9 oak-mdw-iad wn1712/119

    No travel for a while, but now I'm headed back across the country. Hoping for a smooth ride :) Thanks as always!
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    4/22 oak-geg wn1796

    My long travel break is ending--heading up north for a few days. Looks like I might sneak in just under the front (I hope). Thanks as always!
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    3/1 oak-san wn1665; san-sat wn1608

    On the road again--at least I jet to see a new place. Thanks as always!
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    2/9 oak-abq wn704

    Back to the grind in the Land of Enchantment--doesn't look too great, but hopefully it's not horrible. Thanks as always!
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    12/5 oak-sea wn2309

    Last trip of the year--hope it's a good one (even though it'll be rainy). Thanks in advance!
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    11/8 bwi-oak wn3121

    Don't know if I've posted this in time, but headed home tomorrow morning. Thanks!
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    11/6 OAK-BWI WN2245 0610 departure

    Another long flight--also stops briefly at MCI. Looks like a barrel of fun sitting over the midwest--could be interesting :) Thanks in advance!
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    10/7 oak-mci wn1265

    On the road again--looks like I'll miss most of the rainstorms (I hope). Thanks in advance!
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    10/3 oak-san wn293

    Hubby is headed down to San Diego and would like to know what to expect. He doesn't mind turbulence as much as I do, but it's not his favorite :) Thanks as always!
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    9/24 iad-mdw swa235; mdw-oak swa781

    Hope the return is as smooth as the flights out here--thanks!
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    9/22 oak-mdw swa355; mdw-iad swa127

    A long one this time--never thought I'd be flying all the way to DC on a Southwest 737 :eek: Thanks in advance!
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    8/17 Oak-abq Swa1127

    Back to the desert again--fingers crossed for no T-storms! Thanks as always!
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    7/23 Oak-sea Swa2233

    Yes--vacation time! Maps look pretty quiet for this one--it won't even be raining in Seattle :) Thanks as always!