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    8/23 5:30am PHX-HOU-PIT SW1339 SW1319

    Vacations over, back to school :( Thanks as always!
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    8/17 4:05pm PIT-PHX SW3391

    Hello tb_neg, looking forward to the desert. Thanks as always!
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    6/3 10:40am SFO-PIT UA 2229

    Hoping for a good trip home. Thx!
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    5/28 7:20pm PIT-SFO UA 2228

    Hello tb_neg! Hope you have a great holiday WE. Thanks
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    7/20 3:10pm CDG-PIT DL125

    Hoping for a nice flight back home as well. Thx tb_neg!
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    7/9 7:50pm PIT-CDG DL124

    Hi tb_neg, last year's trip was great; hoping for a repeat :D Thanks!
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    7/26 3:15pm CDG-PIT DL97

    Hello tb_neg, hoping return trip is as nice. Thanks!
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    7/16 7:34pm PIT-CDG DL96

    Daughter's first Transatlantic flight :)
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    6/19 3:30pm KEF-BOS WW125

    Thanks again!
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    6/12 7pm BOS-KEF WW126

    "WOW" airlines? Seems like they have delays every day; this could be an adventure :) Also - the Pgh Pens have unfortunately decided to attempt winning the Cup again at the exact time I'm in the air :( Anyway, thanks as always!
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    5/6 10:10am MCO-PIT SW3333

    Will have a more exciting one next month, with WOW airlines. Should be interesting ;) Thanks!
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    4/27 12:55pm PIT-MCO SW1533

    Thanks as always! :)
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    5/25 6:30 am ATH-CDG-PIT Delta 8640 Delta 97

    Returning home; hoping for another good one. Thanks!
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    5/15 6:32pm PIT-CDG-ATH Delta 96 Delta 8683

    First time taking this flight; hoping for a good one. Thanks!
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    5/8 8:55am MCO-PIT SW3495

    Hoping for as smooth as the way down. Thanks!