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    2/4 8am-4:30pm SFO-BOS JBU434

    These winter jets have been nuts so I know they'll be some spots no matter what, but switched this trip to go Thursday instead of Wednesday to avoid that big ol' cold front coming thru the east coast, hopefully that helps somewhat. Been working on my training exercises and (trying to focus on)...
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    1/4 8:45am BWI-OAK WN710

    Last couple flights have some big bumps and little drops, but didnt get too bad. Not a fan of winter flying + cross country, but I feel a bit better knowing somewhat to expect, thanks for the site!
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    1/2 6:00am BWI-SFO UA1689

    Happy new year everybody!
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    12/18 6:55am SFO-JFK JBU16

    Thanks for any feedback. Between the crazy jet dipping straight south around CA, the normal rockies winter adventure, and then a strong jet over the east coast this is looking like a pretty crummy ride. But it doesn't look like postponing a half-day or a day would help at all, these systems seem...
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    Major Euro Airports- any better or worse?

    Doing my first transcontinental flight! I'm going to be visiting many places in Europe so could start the journey at a variety of different airports with non-stops from US. Once I get over there hoping to stick with trains :) Are any of the major airports known for being better/worse for...
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    7/8 bos-las jbu 777

    I'm noticing the large area of the Northeast with a Turbulence advisory, will that improve any by 8pm? Would tomorrow 8am, or tomorrow 8pm (2 non-stop options) be an improvement? It looks like the front will still be hanging around tomorrow morning. Thanks very much, sorry for the last minute...