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    yeg to Honolulu

    I might be to late, tomorrow Yeg to Honolulu thanks
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    I have finally made the decision and fly to Hawaii Dec 19.. I have always put that aside as flying over the ocean for that many hours and no place for a plane to divert to if there was a problem. Now I really need to know what would the plane do over the ocean if it ran into a problem? As well...
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    las to yeg departing at 9:40 pm

    A little nrevous due to the forecast of thunderstorms tonite
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    5/29 yeg to geg on Horizon

    I am a little worried as we are flying on a smaller plane and the weather is not supposed to be that great in Spokane. We fly Edmonton to Seattle and Seattle to Spokane. Any thoughts?
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    flying on Horizon

    I have to fly from Edmonton to Spokane with Horizon Air. We are on those small planes crj700 and q400. Does anyone have any experience on these small planes. Are the bigger planes safer? At the airport I saw a small horizon plane and it looked 100 yrs old. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    las to yeg may 18 @ 7pm

    Anything to report, you were right on the way down. As always Thanks!
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    yeg to las May 14 7pm

    the usual, anything I should worry about?
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    yeg to las may 2 7pm

    You said yesterday light to moderate, do they still serve during moderate or do the cabin crew have to strap in too? Thanks
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    yeg to las 7pm May 2, 08

    anything cause for cocern?
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    las to yeg april 4 9:40 pm

    you are always bang on, not sure what I'd do if you said it would be horrible. What does tomorrow bring. Thanks!
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    The usual

    What do you see for my up coming flight? Yeg to Las Tues March 25 7 pm. As always THANKS!
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    1/3 Las-yeg

    I am flying out of LAS tonite at 9:40pm to YEG. what do you think?
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    12/26 Yeg-las

    Merry Christmas!!! Edm to Las Dec 26 at 7pm... anything I should pop an ativan for?
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    would they still fly

    I have a question... if an airline had reports of sever turbulence from other airlines (or their own) would they still fly the plane on that route or would they try to avoid it?
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    here is a question

    Tonite I was on a westjet flight and I was reading the westjet magazine. It says cruising speed of 530 mph but we were doing over 600 mph. As well it says maximum altitude 42000 ft and we were just barley under that. What happens if you go over 42000 ft and how fast can you go before it is...