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    7/8 7:00am MSN-DFW-CUN AA2884 AA1328

    Hi, good to see you again, I'm glad you worked out how to post on the new forums. For AAL2884 07:00 09:22 MSN DFW At MSN in the morning, weather looks good, good takeoff, good climb, good flight until the very end, with a bit of weather forecasted near DFW. Perhaps a bit of light to moderate...
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    BWI-BWI WN0 12:33am

    I'm going to need you to come in on a Saturday....yeah
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    BWI-BWI WN0 12:33am

    And then I tried to upgrade it to plug a security hole and brought it down for eight hours. Sorry about that.
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    BWI-BWI WN0 12:33am

    Hi, I switched forum software but didn't realize it was holding posts for queues. I apologize for that! Can you try to post again? And, how did the flight go?
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    BWI-BWI WN0 12:33am

    Hi sporty friend. Sorry for the delay, there is a thrilling tale to be told. So, site traffic is down 95%, understandable, so I haven't been paying much attention to the site, but I make sure it keeps running. All this going on while I'm waiting for my new developer to clean up the mess I've...
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    2/28 2:05pm ATH-TXL A3822

    Hi, this is for A3 822 14:05 15:50 ATH TXL At ATH, weather is ok, rainy but otherwise unremarkable. Lightly bumpy takeoff, moderately bumpy climb. Maps are weird, one indicates moderate-severe on the route below 29,000, one doesn't indicate any turbulence, which is bizarre, but every other...
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    forum upgrade

    I recently upgraded the forums software. It was quite intense, so if you see something glitch wise, make sure to use the comment form on the main website to let me know.
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    8/3 6:20 pm ecp-bwi wn2535

    Looks like a sports bar ride up to BWI, with possible delays. See attached forecasted weather, and also, seeing a bit of bumps due to unstable air, so you're getting the full whopper combo with fries (clear air bumps), and a drink (rain). I'll keep this open, unfortunately you can't have this...
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    7/30 2:15 pm bwi-ecp wn715

    Kevin stays in BWI
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    Forum updates

    I apologize for the recent forum outage. It was not intentional. My web host made a change to SSL and I wasn't aware of the forums not working until someone sent me an email. I have fixed the issue. I intend to keep them functioning in perpetuity.
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    1/19 5:45am SAT-ATL/ATL-IAD Delta774/Delta2317

    Holy moly, you weren't kidding.
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    1/9/2016 dtw-mco

    Recently flew on a flight from DTW-MCO on 1/9/2016. I don't want to name the airline but it was an early morning flight (and it wasn't Delta). Boarded, captain came on and said he was expecting a smooth flight. I hate to say it, but I knew better. Sadly, I was proven correct as starting...
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    tb_neg no forecasts 3/21/2015 - 3/26/2015

    No forecasts from tb_neg 3/21/2015 - 3/26/2015 Thank you for your support.
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    8/11 MCO-DTW 2pm

    Sometimes even I get a forecast.
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    No tb_neg forecasts 8/7 - 8/13

    Hi. Taking some time off for travel, I won't be doing forecasts for flights occurring on 8/7 - 8/13. coachrowsey might chip in if he has time.