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    11/01 2:00PM PIT-MCO SWA63

    Tricky one. At PIT, light to moderate on takeoff and climb out, winds up to 31mph. remains light to moderate at altitude, gradually smoothing out as you make your way south towards MCO. After say North Carolina, the bumps should be over with. Lightly bumpy descent into MCO, as well as...
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    10/29 2:00pm DTW-TYS DL5145

    @zoidberg my hero! Lost internet this morning for a few hours so I'm off my game. Thanks for the briefing there! Looks like DTW to TYS will have a few moderate bumps along the way.
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    10/29 7:29AM PIT-PHL-MCO AA2057 AA618

    Hi, my day job is in IT in Higher Education. Not too many people are flying, alas. AAL2057 PIT-PHL 07:29 08:40 At PIT, light rain, lightly bumpy takeoff, lightly bumpy flight over. Lightly bumpy descent into PHL, heavy rain, lightly bumpy landing. AA616 PHL-MCO 16:49 18:39 Light shower...
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    10/16 8:05AM PIT-ATL-MCO DL2047 DL1998

    Hi, this is for DAL2047 08:05 09:44 PIT ATL At PIT, rainy, cloudy, otherwise ok, lightly bumpy takeoff, light to moderate on climb out, remains light to moderate, but I think it smooths out fairly quickly, you're on the edge of rough air and smooth air, but I think you'll be on the smoother...
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    9/25 BOS-BWI SWA 183 3pm

    Definitely some light to moderate for BOS BWI. The BWI to SEA flight not too bad, some light to moderate on climb, first half looks ok. occasional light to moderate for the remainder from about the Dakotas onwards, and that part of the map is darkening up a little bit, so seat belt sign comes...
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    9/24 11:22AM ATL-PIT DL1090

    Sorry, I'm fast, but not that fast! How did it go?
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    9/23 6:00AM PIT-ATL-EYW DL1392 DL2182

    Hi, this is for DL1392 06:00 07:35 PIT ATL At PIT, good weather, good takeoff, bit of light to moderate on climb out. Flight is light to moderate at first, for the first half, smoothing out for a nice ride for the second half. Good descent and landing into ATL, but a little bit of light...
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    9/20 8:20am ATL-LAX DL394

    You're hired. Looks like it's going to smooth out quite a bit so your flight will be fairly good, just a bit of of light to moderate on climb out, mostly lightly bumpy, decent ride for quite a while, perhaps a bit of light to moderate near Colorado. I think descent and landing into California...
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    9/17 8:10am DL460 LAX-ATL

    Welcome to ATL. Looks like it wasn't too bad. How was it?
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    9/17 8:10am DL460 LAX-ATL

    Hi, long time no see. Good takeoff, good climb out of LAX, good ride, just some very occasional light to moderate if that, should be a fairly dull flight. Just a bit of light to moderate on descent into ATL, light to moderate on landing...but winds just 22knots at ATL, I think just lightly...
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    9/7 7:44 AM DL1453 CVG-TPA

    Hi, this is for DAL1453 07:44 09:40 CVG TPA At CVG, weather is good, good takeoff, lightly bumpy climb out. Flight should be fairly good, smooth to lightly bumpy. You're into TPA before weather, so a decent descent and landing. Stormy later, after landing time. So, good news everyone!
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    9/3/2020 DL1453 TPA-CVG 10:50 AM EDT

    Good until Kentucky. Then light to moderate on descent, light on landing!
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    9/3/2020 DL1453 TPA-CVG 10:50 AM EDT

    Hi, here we go for DAL1453 10:50 12:52 TPA CVG At TPA, weather is fine, lightly bumpy takeoff in hot Tampa, climb out good. Decent ride until about Tennessee, then starts getting lightly bumpy for the remainder. Light to moderate on descent, but mostly lightly bumpy, lightly bumpy landing...
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    9/3/2020 DL1453 TPA-CVG 10:50 AM EDT

    I got email notification, and you can post. Good news everyone! When I read your post in the email I immediately thought, why not Zoidberg and also the Fry meme: With those Futurama references out of the way see you tomorrow night with the forecast!
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    8/9 11:25AM MCO-ATL-PIT DL2483 DL740

    Hi, here's DAL2483 11:25 12:44 MCO ATL At MCO, out before weather arrives, good takeoff, good climb, good ride. Lightly bumpy descent and landing into ATL. DAL740 13:43 15:15 ATL PIT At ATL, lightly bumpy takeoff and climb out. Should be a good ride. Lightly bumpy descent and landing...