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    2/17 UA 2319 sfo-ewr

    2/17 ua 2319 2:00 pm PT sfo-ewr This past week of turbulence and strong jet stream has me on edge for my flight tomorrow. One thing I’m looking forward to is it’s the newest Dreamliner (787-10) and I have found dreamliners to give smoother rides, as promised. Thank you in advance!
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    9/5 jbu 578 9:09 am sfo-fll

    The tropical storm that passed through Florida yesterday and is turning into a hurricane has me more on edge that usual. Hopefully we'll steer clear; how does the overall flight look? Thanks! Kelly
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    9/20 vrx 1867 5 pm DEN-SFO

    Had one of those roller coaster descents into Denver today (although everything before 20,000 feet was a great flight!) The pireps have been a mess around Denver today and I'm hoping for less of an adventurous flight home tomorrow. Do conditions look the same? Thanks! Kelly
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    2/3 5 PM (Tokyo Time) ANA 08 NRT - SFO (17 hours ahead of San Francisco time)

    Posting early in case you can forecast this -- my flight home tomorrow! Best, Kelly
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    1/30 11 am ana 07 sfo-nrt

    Hi there! Another trip to Tokyo. Would love any predictions for the way out -- I'm already expecting the way back to be a bit bumpy given the route and jetstream Best, Kelly
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    12/19 7:50 pm united (ual) 1278 den-newark It's been a long time since I've asked for a forecast! I flew out of Newark to Denver on Sunday and it was the worst turbulence I've had in a long time. Like, what the bleep is happening, "Airline attendants, please be seated!" stuff, and it lasted the...
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    9/21 CPH-ERW SAS 909 12:25 PM (Cophenhagen time)

    9/21 CPH-ERW SAS 909 12:25 PM (Cophenhagen time) Return trip! Thanks in advance if you can respond. Best, Kelly
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    9/17 5:40 PM Newark-Copnehagen SAS 910

    Only my second ever transatlantic flight, and I have no idea how to read the maps I could find. :) Excited to be visiting Sweden for the first time! Thanks for the forecast, Kelly
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    How would you interpret this flight graph? (My flight this morning) So this was my flight today. It was a rough ride for most of the trip, through thunderstorms, but the really weird part was we seemed to stall about 2/3 of the way in. I've never experienced something like that...
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    extreme turbulence PIREP

    I saw my first report of Extreme Turbulence on the U.S. map today -- on the World Explorer map. It was at 28K feet, and I think an A320 or A322 on the East Coast. Looks like a jet stream mess today on the East Coast? I'm on a red eye tomorrow and hoping for a typically seasonally bumpy flight...
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    2/13 9:20 pm sfo-ewr vrd 182

    Not sure there will even be a flight (Virgin cancelled all of today/tonight's flights to NY area). But if there is, how does it look? (I'm guessing not smooth.) Best, Kelly
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    Sun 11/17 11:10 AM NRT-JFK NH 010 (on ANA/UNITED)

    Return trip! Always nice when the return flight is shorter than the trip out. :) Thanks, Kelly
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    Sun 11/10 16:55 PM JFK-NRT NH1009 (on ANA/UNITED)

    Hi! I'm about to take the longest flight of my life (New York to Tokyo = about 14 hrs), and I'm feeling pretty good about it! The company who booked the trip got me a 1st class ticket, which is amazing (and also a first for me). Would love a forecast and/or thoughts on this flight path in...
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    6/14 VIR25 LHR-JFK 8:05 PM (London time)

    Return flight (preceded by short flight from Edinburgh on a British Airways airbus, which makes Virgin Atlantic's airbus look like a luxury cruiser). Hope the East coast weather doesn't delay the flight; we're not expected to land until 11 PM NY time. Best, Kelly
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    6/8 vir10 jfk-lhr 10:25 pm

    Hi again! I'm not sure how to read maps for this trip, and it's my first transatlantic flight (and flight to Europe!). Would love a forecast for the leg to London. (After the flight to London, I have a short flight to Edinburgh, my final destination.) Best, Kelly