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    8/24 4:40pm stl-rdu swa4373

    Flying back from STL tomorrow. Flight out was not so good. Hoping for better on the return trip. Thanks in advance.
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    1/21 - iad - rdu. 5:42PM. UA3789

    TB - wanted to check real quick on this one. Thanks.
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    1/17 -- rdu -- iad -- ua4042

    Hey TB - Short flight tomorrow. Just wanted to see if you could lend some insight. Everything has looked bumpy this week. Thanks.
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    1/14 --? ATL to RDU --> SWA586 -->4:55PM

    Hey TB - I have a return flight tomorrow. Just wanted to check and see if you could provide a forecast. Doesn't look too bad from what i can tell on the maps but I am not sure. Thanks in advance.
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    11/21 2:40PM -- ATL to RDU --SWA Flt 3397

    TB - Thanks for the flight info on the way here. Things were great. Hoping I can get some insight into my flight tomorrow. thanks .
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    11/13 -- 7:15PM -- SWA flt 4639 -->STL to RDU

    Hey TB - May be slightly early on this but looking for a quick forecast on this one please. Headed out to Raleigh for some house hunting. I appreciate it.
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    9/15 -- 6:35PM -- ATL to STL --> SWA Flt 5042

    Hey guys -- This is my flight back tomorrow. Looks like it may be a little more bumpy on this one coming back. Looking for your feedback please. Thanks.
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    9/15 -- 8:30am -- stl --atl --> swa flt 5037

    Hey TB -- Headed to Atlanta for the day. This is my trip out. From what i can tell from the maps it looks okay. Wanted to get your feedback. Thanks.
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    8/15 -- 8:25am -- stl --rdu --> swa4477

    Hey TB - This is my return flight home. Hope it is as nice as the one out. Thanks.
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    8/14 9:45am --rdu --stl ---> swa1017

    Hey TB -- Headed back to RDU for an overnight trip. Hoping this one is smooth. Thanks.
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    7/24 - 7:40pm -- rdu -- stl ---> swa4143

    Thanks for the info on my flight out tonight. This is my flight home tomorrow night. I appreciate the insight when you get to it.
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    7/23 - 7:25pm - stl - rdu --> swa1957

    Hey folks -- Have to fly to NC tomorrow night. Just wondering what i can expect. As always, I appreciate the insight.
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    3/25 SWA PHX to STL FLT 3318 departs 6:30PM

    Hoping you can give me a heads up on this flight. Heading back to the cold and hoping the storm is out of the way. Thanks.
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    3/20 STL-PHX SWA Flt 337 - 4:40PM

    Just checking on this flight. Have the kids with me which always makes me a bit more nervous.
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    WN 1026 - 6/9 - MCO to STL - 10:30AM

    Thanks for the info on the flight out. Was right on track. Appreciate the feedback on this one as we head home.