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    2/17 UA 2319 sfo-ewr

    2/17 ua 2319 2:00 pm PT sfo-ewr This past week of turbulence and strong jet stream has me on edge for my flight tomorrow. One thing I’m looking forward to is it’s the newest Dreamliner (787-10) and I have found dreamliners to give smoother rides, as promised. Thank you in advance!
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    9/5 jbu 578 9:09 am sfo-fll

    The tropical storm that passed through Florida yesterday and is turning into a hurricane has me more on edge that usual. Hopefully we'll steer clear; how does the overall flight look? Thanks! Kelly
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    9/20 vrx 1867 5 pm DEN-SFO

    Had one of those roller coaster descents into Denver today (although everything before 20,000 feet was a great flight!) The pireps have been a mess around Denver today and I'm hoping for less of an adventurous flight home tomorrow. Do conditions look the same? Thanks! Kelly
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    2/3 5 PM (Tokyo Time) ANA 08 NRT - SFO (17 hours ahead of San Francisco time)

    Posting early in case you can forecast this -- my flight home tomorrow! Best, Kelly
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    1/30 11 am ana 07 sfo-nrt

    Hi there! Another trip to Tokyo. Would love any predictions for the way out -- I'm already expecting the way back to be a bit bumpy given the route and jetstream Best, Kelly
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    12/19 7:50 pm united (ual) 1278 den-newark It's been a long time since I've asked for a forecast! I flew out of Newark to Denver on Sunday and it was the worst turbulence I've had in a long time. Like, what the bleep is happening, "Airline attendants, please be seated!" stuff, and it lasted the...
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    9/21 CPH-ERW SAS 909 12:25 PM (Cophenhagen time)

    9/21 CPH-ERW SAS 909 12:25 PM (Cophenhagen time) Return trip! Thanks in advance if you can respond. Best, Kelly
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    9/17 5:40 PM Newark-Copnehagen SAS 910

    Only my second ever transatlantic flight, and I have no idea how to read the maps I could find. :) Excited to be visiting Sweden for the first time! Thanks for the forecast, Kelly
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    How would you interpret this flight graph? (My flight this morning) So this was my flight today. It was a rough ride for most of the trip, through thunderstorms, but the really weird part was we seemed to stall about 2/3 of the way in. I've never experienced something like that...
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    extreme turbulence PIREP

    I saw my first report of Extreme Turbulence on the U.S. map today -- on the World Explorer map. It was at 28K feet, and I think an A320 or A322 on the East Coast. Looks like a jet stream mess today on the East Coast? I'm on a red eye tomorrow and hoping for a typically seasonally bumpy flight...
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    2/13 9:20 pm sfo-ewr vrd 182

    Not sure there will even be a flight (Virgin cancelled all of today/tonight's flights to NY area). But if there is, how does it look? (I'm guessing not smooth.) Best, Kelly
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    Sun 11/17 11:10 AM NRT-JFK NH 010 (on ANA/UNITED)

    Return trip! Always nice when the return flight is shorter than the trip out. :) Thanks, Kelly
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    Sun 11/10 16:55 PM JFK-NRT NH1009 (on ANA/UNITED)

    Hi! I'm about to take the longest flight of my life (New York to Tokyo = about 14 hrs), and I'm feeling pretty good about it! The company who booked the trip got me a 1st class ticket, which is amazing (and also a first for me). Would love a forecast and/or thoughts on this flight path in...
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    6/14 VIR25 LHR-JFK 8:05 PM (London time)

    Return flight (preceded by short flight from Edinburgh on a British Airways airbus, which makes Virgin Atlantic's airbus look like a luxury cruiser). Hope the East coast weather doesn't delay the flight; we're not expected to land until 11 PM NY time. Best, Kelly
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    6/8 vir10 jfk-lhr 10:25 pm

    Hi again! I'm not sure how to read maps for this trip, and it's my first transatlantic flight (and flight to Europe!). Would love a forecast for the leg to London. (After the flight to London, I have a short flight to Edinburgh, my final destination.) Best, Kelly
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    Landing in Thunderstorms -- not really scary, very stunning!

    First time landing in severe thunderstorms (the storms that passed through the Gulf area last week). We landed around 5:30 AM, still dark, directly through the storms. We were surrounded by lightening. It would go from pitch black to the flashes of lightening (in every direction) and then...
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    Question about severe turbulence PIREPS on East Coast

    In the last couple of days I've noticed several reports of severe turbulence, many at cruising altitudes, by large planes (e.g. B777 and A320; there are a couple of reports right now on the map). Considering how rare that is supposed to be, I was curious if anyone know what's causing it. The...
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    2/26 7 am vrd12 sfo-jfk

    2/26 7 AM VRD12 SFO-JFK I know it's last minute, but I'll also be on Virgin's wireless throughout the flight, and welcome any forecast until landing! :) The current maps look YIKES to me, but at least I no longer contemplate trying to avoid a bumpy flight. Thank you! Kelly
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    1/29 11:10 am sfo-rjaa/nrt ana7

    1/29 11:10 AM SFO-RJAA/NRT ANA7 First time flying to Asia! Actually, first flight over the ocean, too. Any forecast welcome! Specifically for this flight or even just in general what the Pacific crossing can be like. Best, Kelly
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    1/24 8:10 am sfo-fll vx 340

    1/24 8:10 AM SFO-FLL VX 340 First time flying to Southern Florida! Next week, I fly to Japan for the first time. I will definitely report on that. Thanks for your best guess. Best, Kelly