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    01/04 6:20 pm IAD - FRA LH419

    Hoping the flight is better than what the weather looks like right now upon leaving IAD! Thank you in advance!
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    12/22 12:55 pm LH 418 FRA - IAD

    Hoping for a smooth ride home for the Holidays! Thank you so much!
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    7/24 6:15pm DLH419 IAD - FRA

    Hi, hoping for a smooth flight tomorrow night. Thank you for letting me know how it is!
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    7/11 12:30 pm LAX-IAD UAL2064

    Hi again, this time a jaunt across the USA. Hoping for a smooth one today! Thanks, appreciate your work!
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    6/26 LAX - PPT TN07 4:40 pm

    Hi! Thanks for your help, first time flying west this way. Hoping for a smooth flight, first of many flights this summer! Thanks!
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    1/2 6:20 pm IAD - FRA DLH419

    Thanks in advance! Happy New Year!
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    12/16 12:50 fra - iad lh418

    Hoping for a smooth flight from Frankfurt to Washington, DC. Return trip back to Frankfurt in a few weeks. Thank you in advance!
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    7/14 6:10 pm IAD - FRA DLH419

    Hi! Hoping for a smooth flight, thank you so much :)