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    3/27 CPH-OAK 4:20PM Norwegian 7069

    Not so worried about the short hop from Berlin to Copenhagen, but I've got another long flight home tomorrow afternoon, from Copenhagen to Oakland. Thanks in advance for the forecast, I'm hoping for a flight as easy as the way out here.
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    3/22 12:20pm sfo-kef-sxf wow162 wow720

    Headed to Berlin from San Francisco via Reykjavik. I'm hoping for a not-too-bad flight!
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    9/2 8:30am sfo-bos ua768

    I'm hoping we won't run into too much by way of remnants of Harvey or anything... at least it's a bigger plane than I've had for a lot of cross-country journeys lately! Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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    5/16 1:40pm lhr-sfo vir41

    Headed back from London. The flight out wasn't too bad, just some bumps the first couple hours pretty much. Hoping for an equally easy flight home!
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    5/6 8:40pm SFO-LHR VIR42

    Headed to London tomorrow- the longest flight I've ever taken, and I'm a little nervous!
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    6/1 11:39am jfk-sfo jbu615

    The flight out east was pretty ok (some bumps in the midwest, as usual), hoping for the flight home to be ok too!
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    5/27 1:20pm sfo-dca ua2046

    Hoping for a not-too-awful flight, given the active weather in the country this week. Thanks!
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    11/28 2:10pm lga-ord-sfo ua622 ua330

    Headed home from Thanksgiving, hoping for a flight just as easy as the way out! Thanks!
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    11/21 8am oak-bwi wn1452

    Headed east for the holidays. Hoping for a flight that isn't too bad. Thanks!
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    10/22-23 6:45 kwa-kmj-hon-sfo ua155 ua72

    I'm headed home (yay!) on what is 10/23 here and 10/22 on the side of the date line I'm usually on. First flight goes from Kwajalein to Majuro to Honolulu, and then I've got a three hour layover to my flight to SF. Hopefully it'll be as painless as the flights out here were!
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    10/16 7:25am hnl-maj-kwa ua154

    So this is the weird one- Honolulu to Majuro, Marshall Islands with a final destination of Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. I guess the tropics usually have weather of some kind, so I'm hoping this'll be okay.
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    10/15 8:50am oak-hnl ha47

    Going to the Marshall Islands this week (long story) and the first travel day is to Honolulu. I'm hoping it'll be fine, since there's more to come on Friday!
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    9/29 4:35pm pit-las-oak wn2921 wn2425

    Headed back home from Pittsburgh and I'm hoping the flights back will be as easy as the ones out here were!
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    6/23 10:20am bna-oak wn536

    Headed home! Hoping the flight'll be fine.
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    9/21 3:40pm lga-bna swa106

    Headed to Nashville for work tomorrow, hoping the flight'll be fine! Thanks!
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    9/18 3:10pm sfo-jfk vx26

    Headed to New York for the weekend. I'm hoping for an easy flight, and appreciate any insight you can give!
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    7/30 11:10am mci-oak wn499

    Thanks for all of the forecasts lately! I'm headed back home tomorrow and that should really be the end of my travels for a little while!
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    7/27 10:35am oak-las-mci wn753

    Headed to Kansas City this week via Vegas- I'm practically a jet-setter! I'm hoping this week's flights will be as easy as last week's. Thanks so much!
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    7/24 2:10pm bna-oak swa4118

    Thanks for the forecast on the way here- I'm always nervous about flying to the South in the summer, but it was actually totally fine! I hope the way home will be just as easy! Thanks.
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    7/21 1040am oak-bna swa 3949

    Headed to Nashville for work tomorrow. I'm hoping for a good flight, but summer's always chancy. Any insight you can give would be awesome!