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    5/1 yhz-ewr co2430

    Hi, I would appreciate a forecast for my flight Saturday from Halifax to Newark. The plane is an Embraer and I don't like small planes so I am a bit nervous. My final destination is Miami and the second leg is EWR-MIA CO638, so if you have any insights on that flight, I would love to hear them...
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    12/4 YHZ-YYZ AC619 5:30 p.m.

    I usually fly on the Airbus A-320 or A-321 on internal Canadian flights, but this is the somewhat smaller Embraer 190. Combine that with the messy weather today (although tomorrow is supposed to be OK) and I am nervous. Thanks in advance.
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    6/14 PEK-YYZ Air Canada 032 6:00 pm-6:45 pm

    I also have a connection within Canada: 6/14 YYZ-YHZ Air Canada 622 8:30 pm-11:37 pm Thanks in advance!
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    5/29 YYZ-PEK AC31 2:55pm

    As well, my connection to Toronto is: 5/29 YHZ-YYZ AC611 10:10am if you don't mind doing that one too. Thanks so much!