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    4/16 Las-tus

    Friend is flying in from Vegas and would like a forecast. SWA # 216 Depart 1:35 Pm Thanks,
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    3/28 Fft 177 Den-tus

    HI there, returning back home on Friday after a wonderful vacation. What can I expect? Hope it's as good as the last flight. Frontier Airlines Flight # 177 (Airbus A319) Denver-Tucson NS Dep. 2:15 PM Arr. 3:10 PM Daniel
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    03/22 Fft 178 Tus-den

    Hi there, I know it's early but I wanted to post. I will be flying to Denver this weekend and a little concerned about the weather that day. I'm guessing light to moderate into Denver due to wind and the snow/rain mix?? FFT 178 Tucson-Denver Dep: 9:55 AM Arr: 12:45 PM Thanks, Daniel
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    3/17 Tus-LAS SWA 328

    Friend is heading back to Vegas tomorrow and would like to know what she can expect for the flight? Thanks, Daniel
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    3/13 Las-tus Swa995

    Not sure if this is to early, but a friend of mine will be flying in on the 13th of this month, and was wondering what the flight will be like? Here are the flight stats: Southwest Airlines Flight 995 Dep: 9:30 PM Arr: 10:40 PM Thanks, Daniel
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    Flying to Denver for the first time!!! Help

    Hi there, I am flying to Denver the end of march and although I am very excited, I can't shake that feeling it's going to be a crazy flight. I've always heard that Denver is one rough place to fly into and it freaks me out. I love flying, but I cannot stand turbulence. I have gotten more used...