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    10/30 1:30pm Shanghai time, PVG-SFO/SFO-PDX United 858/2166

    Final trip of this crazy journey! How is it looking? Thanks for your support along the way!!
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    10/27 6:30PM Beijing time PEK-SHA Air China 1885

    Ok the move again. How does it look? Thanks!
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    10/26 8:30AM Japan Time HND-PEK Air China 184

    On the road again. The flight to Japan was shockingly perfect. Hoping for more good luck on Saturday morning - weather looks good both in Tokyo and Beijing. What do you think? Thanks!!
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    10/22 6:40 Korea Time Seoul GMP-HND Haneda Korean Air 711

    Flying to Tokyo tomorrow evening and just saw there is a tropical storm there tomorrow. UGH. Any chance of a decent flight? Thank you!
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    10/19 8:00am Singapore Time SIN-ICN Singapore Air 600

    Not as long of a flight as last one, hoping for a good ride. Thanks in advance!
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    10/14 6:55pm PDX-SFO/SFO-SIN United 2233/United 1

    This is the flight I’ve been stressed about. 16 hours... How does it look? Thanks so much!
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    10/10 6:05am MEX-SFO/SFO-PDX United 820/2166

    Heading back tomorrow. How does it look? Thanks in advance!
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    10/7 4:00pm GDL-MEX AeroMexico 287

    Next leg is tomorrow. Hoping for a fast, smooth trip. Thanks in advance!
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    10/6 9:30am PDX-SJC/SJC-GDL Alaska 408/226

    Next leg of travel. Hoping to grab some sleep on the plane. How is it looking? Thanks again!!
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    10/2 3:15pm AMS-MSP/MSP-PDX DL165/DL1626

    Flying back to PDX tomorrow. I changed my flight to leave a day early because Lorenzo will be sitting over Amsterdam on Friday. I’m still concerned about it being directly in our flight path. Any good news for me? Thanks I’m advance!
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    9/23 9:25am PDX-SEA/SEA-CDG Delta 1133/34

    Got a crazy 50,000 miles to fly over the next 6 weeks and hoping for a good start. I’m not really sure how to tell how the flight to Paris is going to be, hope for a good forecast. Thanks!
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    8/13 3:25pm MSP-PDX SY297

    Heading back to PDX from MSP. I’m a little worried about the weather out of MSP but after that I think it might be ok. What do you think?
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    5/22 9:20am PDX-LAX / LAX-YYZ DL1986/DL7099

    Got a long trip down to LA and then up to Toronto tomorrow. I know there is some weather in the middle of the country. How is the flight looking? Thanks in advance.
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    4/30 8am LAS-PDX ASA332

    Heading out tomorrow. I think it may be a bit bumpy out of LAS. What do you think? Thanks!!
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    2/13 4:55pm MDW-LAS/LAS-PDX SW794/SW767

    Heading back to PDX. Hoping to catch a break with the weather. How does it look? Thanks so much!
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    2/11 11am PDX-ORD UA679

    Couldn’t figure out a way to make it to Chicago today without spending $1,000 on a flight. Very frustrating but hoping tomorrow’s flight is good. What do you think?
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    2/10 11:10am PDX-MDW SWA4249

    Heading to Chicago tomorrow. Weird route as I fly toSoCal first. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
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    9/18 5:50pm YYZ-PDX AC547

    Heading bank to PDX from Toronto tomorrow. How does the ride look? Thanks in advance!
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    9/13 8:15am pdx-iad ua250

    Flying out to DC tomorrow and have been stressing about the storm. From what I can tell it's hooking left and will head more towards ATL. From the maps it seems like the flight tomorrow will be ok, what are your thoughts? Thanks!!
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    3/6 3:51pm EWR-PDX ASA 53

    Heading back tomorrow and hoping for a less eventful and smooth flight than coming. What do you think? Thank you!