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    4/21 LGA-ORD AA309 8am; ORD-SEA AA415, 11:10am

    Thank you for all of your help! I've loved this site for years and will definitely be donating.
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    preventing motion sickness?

    so as i prepare for my flight from jfk to seattle today in what promises to be a mostly bumpy flight (thanks to tb_neg for the info) especially due to the current wind advisory, i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for air sickness. i usually take dramamine (NOT the 24 hour kind which...
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    12/30 jfk-sea aal 269

    Hi, My flight leaves tomorrow at 4:20pm and based on the weather patterns looks like it's going to be a bumpy one. Your thoughts? As always, thanks for a great site. Didn't know I could donate money and will certainly be doing that. I depend on your site for its accuracy and ease of use. Thanks...
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    6/19 Ord-lga Aa354

    I was scheduled to fly out of Chicago tonight at 5:30pm but my flight was cancelled due to "air traffic control" issues. The American Airlines agent mentioned that O'Hare air traffic control has been cancelling numerous flights. Any idea why? I know that weather is expected in the Northeast, but...
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    4/07 Ewr-yul Co2661

    I'm traveling from Newark to Montreal tomorrow morning at 11:15am. Any idea what the flight will be like? Thanks for your consideration!
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    12/21 LGA-ORD AAL305, ORD-SEA AAL643

    I'm flying tomorrow morning from LaGuardia to Chicago O'Hare (7:10am)and then on to Seattle (10:15am). Any idea what I should expect from the ride? Thanks so much.
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    9/28 LGA-ORD UAL679

    Hi, I'm flying from NY LaGuardia to Chicago O'Hare tomorrow at 11am. Any thoughts on what the trip will be like? THanks!
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    3/15 4pm EWR-MIA (COA)

    I'm embarassed to admit it, but we postponed our flight to tomorrow afternoon. No matter what, I'm getting on that plane but I was hoping you might give me some idea what I might expect. Thanks so much for your thoughts.
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    3/15 EWR - MIA

    My apologies. I'm supposed to depart on 3/15 at 8:45am from Newark on Continental (COA). I'm a little freaked out especially since a severe weather alert (due to strong winds) has been issued for the entire NYC and NJ area. I'm considering changing our flight to Thursday. Is this ridiculous...
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    Hate flying, Love this site

    As my trip on Wednesday from Newark to Miami approaches, I find myself getting the usual sinking stomach. I've cancelled the past three trips I was supposed to go on to various places because I really can't handle the idea of getting caught in a prolonged period of turbulence. Is this weird? I...
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    Miami this Wednesday

    Like Brian, I too am a nervous flyer and my fear is entirely centered on turbulence. I know that turbulence has never brought a plane down, but I really hate how unbelievably uncomfortable and scary it can make a flight, especially a long one. I've done a lot of flying in my life and flown in...