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    4/20 7am MEX-DFW-RIC AA1374 AA196

    Still a little early to know anything for sure. I'm heading home for a week on Sunday to visit with the folks. Weather system that is around the southeast should be gone by Sunday. Jetstream is north of any of my flights. I know you probably can't tell me anything meaningful until tomorrow...
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    12/26 9:17am MEX-ATL-RIC AeroMexico/Delta 636/1307

    Just checking on my flight for tomorrow morning. Flying out on AeroMexico, then taking Delta from Atlanta to Richmond. I imagine I'll hit some jet related bumps somewhere, just that time of year. Thanks in advance.
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    Flying through a bunch of orange pireps right now.

    Woo hoo! Its rockin' and a rollin'. Flight is Delta 1931 from RIC to ATL for those who are interested.
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    10/4/13 7:05 am MEX-ATL DL 364 / 2:21 pm ATL-RIC DL 1178

    Sorry if the subject line is messed up. I put both flights in this trip from Mexico to Atlanta then to Richmond. Bigger planes this time. I think the first plane is a 737 and the second is an MD-88. The last trip I was on an Embraer 80 seater from Mexico to Atlanta. Anyway, just trying to...
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    9/26 am 686 mex-atl 9:17 am

    Kind of short notice. Sorry about that. From what I can tell, it doesn't look too bad. This is my travel week from hell. I fly to ATL tomorrow. On Friday, I fly ATL to Cleveland, then Cleveland to RIC. On Sunday, it's RIC to ATL to MEX. Then a week later, again, MEX, ATL, RIC and back...
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    7/18 6:50 am mex-iah-ric ua723 ua4604

    Volcanic ash permitting, I'm flying home for a 10 day visit on the 18th. This will be my 2 and a half year old daughter's first time to the US and first time on a plane. I'm sure she'll get a kick out of any bumps we encounter along the way. The only thing I know for sure is that it will be...
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    12/26 1:40 PM MEX-CLT-RIC US Airways 828 US Airways 1022

    This is kind of last minute, so if you can't get to it, I understand what with it being a holiday and all. This to me looks pretty not so great. We'll see how I'm coming along as a forecaster... chance of light to moderate pretty much the entire first flight especially as I hit the jetstream...
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    11/7 mex-iad ua 822 10:05 am

    This one has me a little worried. Looks like it will get rough as we move into Virginia. Leave it to me to book my flight to arrive the same day as a Nor'easter. Booked a long time ago, but ah how things work out. From what I can tell, flight doesn't look bad until we get into Virginia which...
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    New turbulence advisory map on front page?

    Just wondering how to read the turbulence advisory maps on the front page. It used to be that that map would be littered with green areas indicating possible light turbulence. Now it usually has orange and red areas all the time, and I haven't seen green in a long time. Is there really that...
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    7/7 mex-mia-mco aa2126 , aa1886

    First flight leaves Mexico City around 8:30 local time. I'm heading to a conference in Orlando for a week, then I'll be jetting up to Richmond for a week to visit with family and friends. Looks like there'll be some bumps heading out of Mexico City and possibly upon arrival to Miami. Why they...
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    I think I'm finally past my fear of turbulence

    This past weekend I flew for maybe the fourth time since an absolutely horrible flight from IAH to DCA back in 2008. I've described that flight in great detail before. To make a long story short, I was sitting all the way in the back of the plane against the bulkhead. We hit some wicked...
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    9/16 MEX-DFW-RIC AA1066 & AA1180 6AM Central time

    Taking advantage of the long weekend I get because Friday is Independence Day here. Flying back home to catch a Virginia Tech home game and visit with the family. I'm leaving Mexico at a ridiculously early hour, 6AM only to have a 3.5 hour layover in Dallas. I've checked the weather forecast...
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    Trip report - RIC to ATL to MEX 08/14

    I'm happy to report that my return trip to Mexico was just as pleasant as the first. The flight from Richmond was on Delta on an MD82. Nothing more than very light bumps on that leg. As usual, being a 1 hour flight, not much in the way of food or entertainment, but that's to be expected. We...
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    Great flight - Mexico City to Atlanta, Atlanta to Richmond, VA

    I always get extremely nervous before flying. For whatever reason, the fear starts to subside as I wait at the gate, but I will admit to some nerves leading up to takeoff. I think I've honestly gotten to the point where I know that I'm more likely to die on the way to the airport than on the...
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    Lovely flight from Houston to DCA

    Back on April 4, 2009, I was headed to DC with a group of students from Mexico. Our flight from Mexico City to Houston was normal. We circled the airport for a while and it was a little bumpy, but nothing awful. It was more the circling that got boring and frustrating than turbulence that...
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    Question about possible turulence cause on flight from Dulles to Mexico City

    Okay, so I've overcome much of my fears about turbulence largely in thanks to this site. I was on my flight last night from Dulles to Mexico City, and about 3.5 hours into the flight we encountered some nasty turbulence. The plane was going down up, down up, banking left slightly, right...
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    Mexico City to IAD 12/22 10:00 AM A319

    Flying out of Mexico City at 10 AM tomorrow and landing at Dulles around 3 in the afternoon. Not sure if I'm reading the maps right, but looks as though it shouldn't be too bad. This flight normally crosses the gulf and from my understanding is pretty much a straight shot north northwest from...