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    2/22 10:00am - fll-roc sw3459

    Time to head home from the warm weather and sunshine of South Florida. Weather doesn't look too bad up the coast hoping that translates to a relatively smooth flight. Thanks as always for everything you do - certainly makes flights easier to know what I'm looking forward to.
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    2/15 - 5:50am BUF-FLL - B6 2465

    Getting out of the cold and snow and heading down to Florida for President's week - hoping for a decent flight. Weather looks pretty busy out there on the maps!!
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    11/30 - 11:25a MCO-BUF - WN5326

    Headed home from 70’s and sunshine to what looks like 30’s and a winter storm warning. Pretty sure we’ll get in ahead of the weather. Hoping the flight home is as good as the one down. Little bit of light here and there; but the pilot never turned the fasten seatbelt light off. Maybe he forgot...
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    11/23 - 7:40a BUF-MCO - WN4614

    Heading down to Orlando for the holiday week. Hoping for a decent flight down and to escape the early cold and snow in the Northeast. Thanks as always for the forecasts.
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    7/11 3:55pm mbj-bwi-jfk WN970/WN1077

    Heading home tomorrow, too soon, from the sun, beaches and cold drinks of Jamaica. Saw some mention of White Claw... none of those here but plenty of Rum! Flights down were two of the best in a while. Couple of bumps into MBJ but that was it! How’s the return tomorrow looking? Thanks as...
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    7/6 6:00am BUF-FLL-MBJ B62465/B61127

    Sorry for the confusion with my post this morning - figured it would just be easier to post a new thread. My flight from BUF-FLL-MBJ is definitely tomorrow Saturday July 6th at 6am. Thanks and again sorry for the wrong dates...
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    7/5 6:00am BUF-FLL-MBJ B62465/B61127

    Had a few weeks at home but now I'm headed down to Jamaica for the week with the family - hoping for a couple of decent flights for the trip down tomorrow early morning. Thanks as always!
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    6/16 7:43am JFK-ROC B6286

    Second leg of the journey home Sunday morning. A little earlier but I didn’t want to forget to post this. Thanks as always!
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    6/15 1:45pm uvf-jfk b6882

    Headed home from the beach and sunshine. Hoping for as nice a flight back to JFK as we had down.
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    6/08 5:15am roc-jfk-uvf b6185 & b62881

    Like I said in the last thread... quick turn around! Heading down to St. Lucia with the wife for a week. Hoping for a couple of decent flights. Flying JetBlue Mint from JFK-UVF hoping for a decent flight to enjoy the meal and some R&R in the lie flat seats. Appreciated as always!
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    6/06 1:24pm aus-jfk-roc b61094 & b6486

    Thanks for the forecast on the way down to Texas. Decent flight although was made interesting by a medical emergency about 30 minutes before landing. I don't think I've ever landed and taxied that fast before. Hoping for another good flight home although it looks like there's some weather all...
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    6/01 5:31pm ROC-JFK-AUS B6685 & B61295

    A little early on this one but I know if I didn't post this now I would forget. Off to Austin for a conference next week. Hoping for a couple of decent flights or at least on-time. Looking at the JFK-AUS flight its been delayed 4 out of the last 7 days... not a very good track record...
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    5/12 6:50am (mt) den-ord-roc ua532 ua2004

    Heading home after a week in Denver. Hoping for a decent flight looks like I’m leaving warm & sun and headed home to cold & rain. Thanks!
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    5/04 11:45am. ROC-BWI-DEN. SW3441 SW4898

    First post to the forum but long time reader. Lots of flights coming up this summer! Headed to Denver for a week. Hoping to have a couple of decent flights out and that SW live TV has NBC so I can watch the Derby. Looked at the potential turbulence maps for 12 to 18 hours out and it doesn't...