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    5/2 MAN - MCO VS075 (UK) 11 am GMT

    Can you please tell me what to expect getting a little anxious.
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    Trnsatlantic in April

    We have usually flown UK to US in Autumn or Winter. This year we will be going mid April, usual worries about Turbulence/ Is there likely to be more or less Turbulence in April?
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    Uk flight to MCO MAN/MCO Virgin 075 27th Nov

    Hi Could you please let me know what turbulence we are likely to get tommorow morning Thursday. Better still tell me it will be smooth MAN - MCO depart 10.25 GMT arrive 2.45 EST 27th November. We will be leaving this evening and staying at the airport hotel overnight, Lynda
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    MCO -MAN 22nd Feb 18.15

    Time to go home to the UK. The weather forecast on the way out was very accurate thanks very much. How do you think it will be tommorow. Virgin 076 on a 747 MCO - MAN United Kingdom
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    MAN/MCO 8th Feb 10..30 GMT

    HI A few months have gone by since I contacted you last and I am glad the site is still doing well. I realise that it is hard to predict transatlantic flights , but I would be grateful for some insight. We are flying Virgin on a 747, leave the UK at 10.30 local time and arrive in to Orlando...
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    Orlando - Manchester UK 10th March

    Flight Virgin VS076 leaves Orlando 6.30 pm Friday arrives in UK 7.30 Saturday local time. Thanks
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    Hi eveyone, This site is going to be great! Just to introduce myself, I am a fairly recovered Fearful Flyer the only thing that bothers me is Turbulence I Hate it!!! I dread it the whole of the flight. I moderate a very sucessful fear of flying forum which has helped no end with the Fear bit...