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    12/18 SEA-PHX SWA2866 1:55pm

    Hi there, Hoping to hear your forecast for 12/18 SEA-PHX SWA2866 1:55pm. Thanks!
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    12/21 YVR-PHX USA493 2:30pm

    Hi, Looking for your opinion for this flight/route. I think it looks ok, unless the plane climbs above 30/35K feet. However, the descent into PHX looks bumpy. Is this correct? Thanks!
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    1/07 tus-sea swa615

    Hello, My guess is that this flight will get bumpy once it descends into SEA. Hopefully not! Cheers!
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    12/18 sea-oak swa1131

    Hi there, Hoping to hear your forecast for this flight, and then continuing as: 12/18 OAK-SAN SWA3075. If I'm correct, it looks ok from SEA to OAK, but potentially bumpy from OAK to SAN. Cheers!
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    3/29 San-pdx Swa2999

    Hi there, Hoping to get an opinion for this flight. Thanks!
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    3/15 Sea-tus 2pm Swa

    Hi there, Thank you for providing this service! I'm flying SEA-TUS on Saturday afternoon. I know there's a stop over, but I don't know where (probably OAK or LAS).
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    Best time of the year to fly to CDG from YVR

    Hello, I'm wondering whether there is a better time of the year to fly from Vancouver Canada to Paris/Europe in regards to turbulence. Also, which route has a lesser chance of experiencing turbulence: Vancouver-Toronto/Montreal-Paris, or Vancouver-Paris direct? Thank you very much for this...