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    5/14 LAS-IAD UA487 and IAD-BNA UA5837

    Sorry for my has been nuts! UA487 departs LAS at 1323 on the A320 UA5837 departs IAD at 2204 on the E145 Thanks for the forecast!!
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    7/19 MSP-DEN UA3682 and DEN-SGU UA5313

    UA 3682 departs MSP at 0926 on a CR7 UA 5313 departs DEN at 1109 on a CRJ Thanks for the forecast!
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    2/28 MSP-IAH UA 4360 and IAH-LAS UA 315

    I know it's late, but maybe you'll check this. UA4360 departs MSP at 1555 on E145 UA315 departs IAH at 1939 on A320 Thanks!
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    2/24 LAS-CLE UA284 and 2/25 CLE-MSP UA4214

    UA284 departs LAS at 2330 on a A319 UA4214 departs CLE at 0730 on a E135 Thanks for the forecast!
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    2/12 LAS-LAX UA 423 and LAX-LHR UA 934

    UA 423 departs LAS at 1443 on a A319 UA 934 departs LAX at 1530 on a 772 Thanks for the forecast!
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    1/29 lax-sgu ua5385

    Sorry for the late seems to be moving at the speed of light these days. This flight was actually quite pleasant. There were some small bumps on the climb out, but then it smoothed out as we headed west. It was a light load...only 9 of us, and I'm pretty sure the others were all...
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    1/29 lax-sgu ua5385

    UA 5385 departs LAX at 1622 on a EMB120 Thanks for the forecast!
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    1/9 LAS-IAH UA497 and IAH-MSP UA1019

    UA 497 departs LAS at 1253 on a 752 UA departs IAH at 1901 on a 73N Thanks for the forecast, and I promise I'll be better on my responses!
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    12/13 LAS-ORD UA640 and ORD-DAY UA3615

    Sorry for the late post, but this just came up. UA 640 departs LAS at 1430 on A320 UA 3615 departs ORD at 2114 on CR7 Thanks a lot!
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    11/6 0640 LAS-IAH UA UA1194 and 1247 IAH-ATL UA417

    Been flying a ton, but haven't had time to request forecasts. Will change that now! UA 1194 is on a 738 UA 417 is on a A320 Thanks in advance!
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    7/18 LAS-SFO-PDX UA1606 and UA1680

    Back on the road. New home base of SGU (but there are some...disruptions at our airport right now) and new typical destination of MSP. UA1606 departs LAS at 1320 on a 738 UA1680 departs SFO at 1740 on a 739 Thanks in advance for the discussion!
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    4/27 MSP-ORD UA 3521 and ORD-SLC UA 6227

    UA 3521 departs MSP at 1357 on a E170 UA 6227 departs ORD at 1819 on a CR7 Thanks for the forecast! Maybe soon I'll get back on a plane that actually has Channel 9!!!
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    4/22 SLC-DEN UA3544 and DEN-MSP UA6324

    UA3544 departs SLC at 1331 on a E170 UA6324 departs DEN at 1547 on a CR7 Thanks in advance for the forecast! BTW...MSP is my new CLE! Whoo hoo!
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    3/25 PRG-FRA LH1393 and FRA-DEN LH446 and DEN-SLC UA5316

    Finally heading home! LH1393 departs PRG at 0945 on a A320 LH446 departs FRA at 1330 on a A346 UA5316 departs DEN at 1741 on a CRJ Thanks for the forecast!
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    3/10 SLC-SFO UA5297 and SFO-MUC LH459

    Would normally post this tomorrow, but probably won't have time, so sneaking it in a bit early. UA 5297 departs SLC at 1407 on a CR7 LH 459 departs SFO at 2105 on a 346 Thanks for the forecast. Will post return from PRG closer to 3/25!
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    2/25 UA1714 CLE-IAH and UA1126 IAH-SLC

    UA 1714 departs CLE at 0600 on a 739 UA 1126 departs IAH at 0900 on a 738 Hopefully the rides will improve over today! Thanks for the forecast.
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    2/24 CLE-IAH UA1645 and IAH-SLC UA1629

    UA 1645 departs CLE at 1753 on a 739 UA 1629 departs IAH at 2115 on a 738 Thanks for the forecast!
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    2/21 SLC-IAH UA 1482 and IAH-CLE UA 1152

    UA 1482 departs SLC at 0645 on a 738 UA 1152 departs IAH at 1250 on a 738 Thanks for the forecast!
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    1/20 CLE-IAH UA1645 and IAH-SLC UA1018

    UA1645 departs CLE at 1750 on a 738 UA1018 departs IAH at 2115 on a 738 Thanks for the forecast!
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    1/18/12 SLC-IAH CO1117 and IAH-CLE CO1076

    CO1117 departs SLC at 0745 on a 738 CO1076 departs IAH at 1310 on a 738 Back to the ol' CLE grind! Thanks in advance for the forecast!