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    10/22 atl-bos dal 716

    Leave at 5pm on a 757. Jet Stream looks like an issue, again!
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    10/19 bos-atl dal 713

    Need your help for this one. Depart at 1:10pm on a 757. Looks like jet stream will just be moving off shore, but the maps all seem to be different. Thought I might have been lucky and avoided the turbulence relating to the jet stream. Not to many pilots reports of turbulence right now...
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    4/30 Bos-dfw Aa541; Dfw-aus Aa1274

    Depart BOS at 5:35PM and arrive in DFW at 8:50PM (MD-80). Depart DFW at 11:00PM and arrive in AUS at 11:50PM (MD-80). To take a shot at prediciting my own looks pretty smooth for most of the trip except for a few possible bumps into DFW and AUS do to the winds. Not sure if...
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    Avoid the ERJ-170/190

    I have flown Jetblue 6 times now on their ERJ-190 and have only experienced 1 smooth (light turbulence) ride. The aircraft has a spacious/comfortable cabin but your are thrown around in turbulence. I flew into Austin, TX yesterday on JetBlue 1265 (BOS-AUS). The first hour of the flight was...
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    3/1 Bos-mco Trs632

    Depart at 5:51PM on a 717. Snow is expected overnight and ending around Noon so I should be ok there. I expected a smooth flight as the East Coasts weather looks really good, but then I check the turbulence maps and I'm a little concerned about the current Turblence in the middle of the...
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    Less Turbulent Season?

    Is there a less turbulent season? Do you generally see less turbulence in March, April, May? I realize every flight encounters some form of turbulence. But if you hate turbulence as much as we do on this site, what is the best month to plan a trip in the US if you want avoid mod turbulence...
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    11/25 Aus-bos Jbu1264

    Depart at 1pm on an erj-190. Given the weather in TX, i'm assuming a bumpy takeoff but one should never assume. Thanks in advance!
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    11/23 Bos-aus Jbu1263

    Depart BOS on Friday, November 23rd at 8:50AM on a ERJ-190. It maybe a little early to predict at this point. I appreciate any forecast you can give. I will be visiting the in-laws for Thanksgiving Part II! Thank you in advance as always:).
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    Triggers and Remedies

    Care to share your story as to what triggered your anxiety surrounding turbulence? Does getting back on the horse and facing your fear help? Here is my trigger: I had flown countless times before without an issue. Now I'm not talking about a few trips to NYC or Atlanta from my hometown of...
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    11/8 Las-bos Dal1802

    Depart at 10:50pm. Thanks for your help in advance. I will update everyone on my leg here today to Vegas and this leg home when I return to BOS!
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    11/7 Bos-atl Dal663 Atl-las Dal645

    Depart BOS at 7:15am and connect/depart ATL at 11:15am. I've looked at the maps and I'm a little concerned about the jetstream. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say light to moderate turbulence throughout. I'm cursed! Thanks for you help in advance.
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    9/22 Bos-aua Usa 1685

    Looking forward to the forecast. Thank goodness for this site as I'm a white knuckle flyer (they glow in the dark). Departing Boston at 8am on US Airways, direct flight. This is the first of 3 trips this fall :frown: Thanks for your help in advance.