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  1. J

    2/22 5:15pm AST AUA-IAD-PIT UA1648 UA664

    Heading home later tomorrow/Saturday evening, but thought I'd post tonight. Tough to leave the sunshine for sure, but some is better than none! Thanks for the forecast as always. Won't be flying again till May so till then safe travels to all.....
  2. J

    2/19 6:07am PIT-ORD-AUA. UA3726. UA1563

    Heading to Aruba for a lot of sun, with a tad of work at an education seminar. Thanks for the forecast as always!
  3. J

    1/26 12:02pm EYW-MIA-PIT. AA4558 AA4536

    Heading home tomorrow. Very quick trip, but some much needed sunshine! Thanks for any forecast.
  4. J

    1/24 6:47am PIT-MIA-EYW. AA4612 AA4396

    Heading to Key West for some sunshine. Will be a short trip but some sun is better than none. Thanks for the forecast.
  5. J

    12/08 1:10pm mco-pit swa4343

    Heading home! Great weather the entire trip. Thanks for the forecast!
  6. J

    12/05 6:00am. Pit-phl-mco. Aa2057 aa688

    Heading down to Disney for a visit. Been a year since we've been there so over due. Thanks for the forecast! New forum software looks really nice! Still changes my subject lines from all capitals. :eek:
  7. J

    10/12 2:45pm. AUA-CLT-PIT. AA874 AA1749

    Your forecast was spot on! Wouldn't change a thing. Definitely a lot of storms in the area leaving Aruba for about the first 30-40 mins. Thanks as always!
  8. J

    10/12 2:45pm. AUA-CLT-PIT. AA874 AA1749

    Well that was fast! Heading home. Let me know what you think on this one! Thanks.
  9. J

    10/8 6:00am. PIT-JFK-AUA. DAL4106 DAL484

    Heading down to Aruba for a few days of R&R with sunshine. I know it's far out but the maps don't look that great. Let me know what you think! Thanks as always.
  10. J

    8/04 11:55am MCO-PIT SWA4494

    Quick and sweet! Heading back home tomorrow. Thanks for the forecast.
  11. J

    8/02 6:20am PIT-DTW-MCO DL1361 DL1246

    Back to the air. Heading down to Orlando for a long (yet quick) weekend. Thanks for the forecast as always!
  12. J

    5/05 6:00am las-dtw-pit dl1932 dl5021

    Leaving the sun behind and heading back to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning. First time flying a CRJ900 from DTW to PIT. Thanks for the forecast!
  13. J

    5/02 7:35am. PIT-DFW-LAS. AA762 AA1401

    Heading to Vegas. All sun and business! Thanks for the forecast!
  14. J

    3/31 9:10am dal-pit swa4157

    Well I have a funny feeling like the trip down this could be another race with the opposite implications. This time we want to be a tad slow and let some of the front and weather push through more I’m speculating!?!? Definitely expecting some residual wind in Dallas tomorrow morning on take...
  15. J

    3/28 3:25pm pit-dal swa1154

    Heading to Dallas to visit family. Wishing the weather looked more sunny while we are visiting. Thanks again for the forecast! (Not sure why my thread title keeps going all lower case, FYI)
  16. J

    Red eye flights & turbulence

    With your past experience of forecasting do you think there is a difference in chances for turbulence with red eyes from Las Vegas to the east coast? In my mind I would think less mountain air turbulence, but no difference otherwise. Just curious on your opinion.
  17. J

    3/09 4:10pm MCO-PIT SWA3493

    Heading home Saturday afternoon. Short but sweet, and all sunshine! Looks like Pittsburgh will be getting some wind and weather in the evening....possibly rolling in around our arrival. Thanks for the forecast!
  18. J

    3/07 6:05am PIT-ATL-MCO DL1663 DL840

    Heading down to Florida for some business and pleasure, but hoping to see the sunshine most of all. We are deprived of sunshine in western PA recently, very! Thanks.
  19. J

    Is Delta really best at avoiding turbulence??

    So there seems to be a lot of press recently on Delta investing in forecasting turbulence and avoiding it. Is there any substance to this claim? Apparently they have developed an app for their pilots that allows them to link all data together in almost real time (I think I read 15 min...
  20. J

    11/10 2:20pm. MCO-PIT SWA2760

    Already heading home....bummer. But great weather in Florida. I'm not looking forward to the cold weather back home! Thanks for the forecast.