01/04 6:20 pm IAD - FRA LH419


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Hoping the flight is better than what the weather looks like right now upon leaving IAD! Thank you in advance!


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Hi, flight looks kind of eh unfortunately.

LH419 18:20 08:05 IAD FRA

At IAD, wind gusts up to 21mph, light to moderate on takeoff, light to moderate on climb out. Flight up the US East coast, light to moderate for a lot of it until about an hour east of Newfoundland island, settling down to more occasional light to moderate, then flaring up a bit mid ocean crossing, smoothing out finally.

It may venture into more sustained moderate territory, especially in the area in between Maine and Newfoundland island. The rest looks very nice including descent and landing.


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Hi! Pretty spot on, take off was nice and once we were climbing through the clouds it was consistently moderate for most of the East Coast. Smoothed out nicely for almost the entire crossing except for one quick patch about an hour out from London. Thanks again!