01/28 IAH-EWR 14:45z (CO510, 737)


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Probably a little bit of light to moderate, especially near EWR. Probably not fantastic :(


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Forecast was on the money - in fact the flight was perhaps a little better than predicted (I know you generally forecast a worst case scenario, which is definitely the best way). Couple of patches of light during the first half of the journey, but nothing significant. After that, some intermittent light. The descent was rather "exciting" - I've been through worse, but it was a white-out down to about 600ft, and quite bumpy.
Prior to departure, they were talking about 3 hr delays due to weather at EWR, but we switched with another flight and left on schedule. I wonder if the later flight had it any better?
Many thanks as always - I'll be testing your forecasting skills for an eastbound transatlantic flight v soon...!