1/14 11:15am vhhh-kord cpa806


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It's time to come home, I was wondering if you'd mind taking a look at the 1/14 CPA806 flight from Hong Kong to Chicago.

Your help is much appreciated!

BTW I'm not sure what the protocol is for posting the time in the title. I used the local time at origin, is there a prefernce to convert it to UTC or another time zone?


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I'm in eastern time, so I usually try to convert to eastern time, but you can list it local time, or if you convert it, you could say 11:15am Z or UTC, or 11:15am EST. And then there's the dateline, which always makes things complicated. Local time is preferred I guess as I've gotten pretty good at converting it (I just always ask Google what time it is in a certain area and figure out how many hours remaining)

Forecast. Mainly decent, but a few zones of bumps as you cross some jet streams. A bit out of VHHH, then not again until you get near Alaska, as you cross a U shaped jet stream, a couple of periods of bumps from that, and then you should be good until about an hour, 1.5 hours out of ORD, then some bumps due to weather and the jet.

Welcome back!


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Another accurate forecast!
The in flight map was not available for this flight due to a technical difficulty of some sort, but judging by the time of the flight, I would say two spots of turbulence around Japan and Alaska, otherwise a quiet 13 hour flight with a bonus smooth landing in O'Hare :)
Thanks once again!