1/23/16 AA1025 ORD-RSW 12:09-4pm


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The weather forecast predicts very high winds around RSW, so I'm wondering about the landing as well as the rest of the flight.
Luckily I think I'm going to miss the big storm that's about to hit the east coast. Thanks for the forecast!


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Doesn't look too bad. Occasional light for parts, maybe one or two jolts of moderate. Landing in RSW will be bumpy as you already noted. Nothing out of the ordinary for this flight.


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Great forecast, spot on. Light chop with a few jolts along the road. Actually had 30 mins of smooth ride over Georgia and then increasing turbulence starting at the FL border. Very Bumpy landing. So bad that he missed the landing in the high winds, almost missed it on the 2nd try.
Felt like he was going too fast both times, I think we used the whole runway to stop!
Glad to be back in sunny FL though. Thanks !