1/24/2019 DTW-FLL 9:40am DL2619


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I've been thinking about a Florida trip. While you'll miss the weather, you'll be flying through the jet stream for most of it, light to moderate for a lot of it. Decent conditions at DTW at takeoff, light to moderate on climb, occasional light to moderate for the flight down. Light to moderate on descent, windy in FLL, light to moderate on landing!

No one I'd rather fly than Delta though, perhaps they can find some smoother air up there. It's a shame, supposed to clear up later tomorrow.


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Thank you for the forecast. Pretty much as advertised. Light to moderate most of the way except more bumpy over southern GA and as we were flying around/ through some weather south of Miami. Sat for an hour on the tarmac after landing. All gates occupied; reportedly due to groundstop at the time for flights to North East due to weather. Thank you again. Back tomorrow. Will post separately.