11/01/2018 23:40 utc bsb cgh g3-1463 gol


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I realized that there's some weather on the way. Do you think it could help to have a wather radar free app to know when to expect turbulence in real time? I've downloaded and the weather seems ok at this moment.


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Hi. I was looking at this when you posted this. There is definitely weather on your route, and I'm expecting a bit of light to moderate. Unfortunately there's no on the ground doppler radar, but satellite radar is indicating quite a bit of weather in the region, some of which overlaps your flight path. Most of it seems concentrated around Barsilia, Sao Paulo looks to be less stormy. I'm looking at www.windy.com, rainviewer.com, darksky.net, and accuweather global radar, none of which really provides a super accurate overview. I think overall it's probably going to be ok, but lightly to moderately bumpy at times due to weather in the area. No real jet stream activity, but I think more storm related bumps for the first half, and more clear air bumps for the second. Weather at both airports seems fine.

I wish I had better data for the area, and there does seem to be a lot of cities named Brasilia in South America!

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Hi tb! Thanks a lot for the forecast. As you said, a bit of light to moderate on the first half of the flight, but it wasn't for long. I've asked the crew what they were expecting and they said it was going to be fine. There were about 5 min of light to moderate and one of the guys of the crew told me he got a little worried about me haha. But most of all I think I was less stressed out this time, so after a long time I felt more relaxed during the bumps, I didn't care so much, which was really great. Thanks again!