11/23 - 7:40a BUF-MCO - WN4614


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Heading down to Orlando for the holiday week. Hoping for a decent flight down and to escape the early cold and snow in the Northeast.

Thanks as always for the forecasts.


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Good plan, and I'm a little jealous.

WN4614 07:50 10:20 BUF MCO

At BUF, weather looks good, good takeoff, lightly bumpy climb out. Flight looks "ok", but conditions have been a bit weird the past day. I'd expect some occasional light to moderate on the way south, more on the first half I think. You're just east of weather, you're just east of rougher air, but I think you'll get down there with minimal trouble...but it is super close.

At MCO, good weather to land in, after a lightly bumpy descent. Have a great flight, and send Mickey Mouse my regards.