11/30 - 11:25a MCO-BUF - WN5326


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Headed home from 70’s and sunshine to what looks like 30’s and a winter storm warning. Pretty sure we’ll get in ahead of the weather. Hoping the flight home is as good as the one down. Little bit of light here and there; but the pilot never turned the fasten seatbelt light off. Maybe he forgot? Hah



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WN5326 11:25 13:50 MCO BUF

At MCO, good weather, good takeoff, good climb, good ride until about North Carolina, then the rest of the flight is on the edge of smoother air to your east, and moderately bumpy air to your west.

I think as you near Buffalo it's harder to avoid.

Weather is ok at BUF, good landing after a light to moderate descent.


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Few bumps on our way out of MCO but smoothed out as we passed 10,000 feet. Few light bumps the first hour or so. A bit more of moderate until we got around PA. Pilot had the flight attendants sit for the last 40 minutes but nothing more then some brief periods of moderate. Smooth descent from 10,000 down and a smooth landing. Not a bad flight at all considering how the weather looks across most of the middle of the country.