11/6 2:45pm. PIT-MCO SWA2165


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Heading down to Disney for some "relaxation". From the looks of the maps, I'm thinking this isn't going to be a smooth flight at all?? :frown:

Thanks for any forecast.


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Hi. You are right, might be a bit bumpy, but shouldn't be too bad, a bit of light to moderate in the area of PIT, smoothing out a bit past the southern border of Virginia to just some very occasional light bumps, with a bit of moderate in a small area near the northern Florida border, smoothing out again, otherwise, that's it. Light bumps into MCO.

Enjoy, I do love some Disney for relaxation!


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Perfect forecast! Rough out of Pittsburgh. Felt a lot like going out of Aruba in the constant winds there. The rest of the flight was completely uneventful….very mild bumps around the beginning of Florida as you said. No reason to even bring out the G force meter on the app. Thanks as always. Talk to you Saturday!

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