12/22 12:55 pm LH 418 FRA - IAD


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You got it, mostly what you wanted. Hi, LH418 12:55 15:50 FRA IAD

At Frankfurt, shower rain, cloudy, lightly bumpy takeoff, a bit of light to moderate on climb out. Good ride as one often gets for a westbound, light to moderate for the last hour from about Maine onwards after a nice ocean crossing, light to moderate at all altitudes for the remainder. Light to moderate on descent, then somewhere towards the bottom of the descent, pristine landing conditions. So, not too bad overall.


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Exactly what I wanted! The ocean crossing was beautiful, didn't even feel like we were flying. Got bumpy down the east coast but the seatbelt sign didn't turn on. Hoping for an equally smooth flight on the return flight next week. Happy Holidays!