12/26 10:01pm, LAX-CMH, DAL2153, Boeing 737-800


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Sorry, the holidays and family time has me away from the computer a lot, how was it?


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Totally understand. Enjoy the family. Well, currently in flight, one of the lightest loads I have ever seen. FA said sit anywhere you would like, over 100 seats available.
Anyhow, so far so good. Plane equipped with GPS moving map. We are over Garden City, Kansas at 39,000. Pretty smooth ride with some pockets of bumps. We have a nice tailwind with this jet stream. Ground speed 612 mph.


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Some bumps associated with this tailwind, we were passing a jet stream, but check out the tailwind speed and ground speed (Delta's PVOD)


A photo I took just after departing LAX over the ocean looking back at night lights along the coast line.


Great site.