12/28/2018 DEN - DTW 2:45 pm MT DL1204


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Hi, for DEN to DTW

Decent conditions in Denver. A bit of light to moderate on climb, smoothing out for a lightly bumpy to smooth ride over to DTW.

From about Chicago onwards, it's light to moderate the rest of the way, including descent into DTW.

It's a lovely nice gray and windy day here in Michigan, so a lightly bumpy landing as well.

Welcome back!


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Thank you for the forecast. Light turbulence till after we crossed Lake Michigan. Moderate from there with a bit of a bumpy landing due to gusty winds and low clouds. Not too bad. Interestingly, flew at 25,000 ft the whole way and a bit further South than usual. Good to be back home. Thank you again and all the best for 2019.


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I will never forget a Delta flight many years ago from CLT to ATL. We were one of the last flights leaving CLT before a big hurricane; I think we flew the whole way to ATL at around 10,000 feet.