2/10 AA560 ORD-RSW 1:20pm


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My certainty on this one is low. I think it looks ok, but the weather moving in and the slight map shading, I'm not so sure. But I think you'll just have some occasional light.


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Rough takeoff from ORD, windy and raining. Leveled at 27,000 and flew through heavy clouds with no break until we reached FL
border. Light with quite a bit of moderate all the way until FL, seat belt light was on 99% of the time.
Not a good day to fly through central US, I think we followed the squall line all the way south. Of course, I was in the back row since plane was full and the fishtailing back there was incredible....won't do that again!
Thanks for the forecast, now I see why you were uncertain about this one!