2/13 4:55pm MDW-LAS/LAS-PDX SW794/SW767


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Heading back to PDX. Hoping to catch a break with the weather. How does it look? Thanks so much!


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Hi, for MDW-LAS:

Winds calming down by takeoff time, lightly bumpy climb, a bit of light to moderate at altitude for the remainder of. Descent could be quite bumpy with mountain wave turbulence and shear associated with the jet stream, possible moderate-severe.

Landing just looks lightly bumpy.

For LAS to PDX

Decent take off, light to moderate on climb, possible moderate-severe, once at attitude it shouldn't be too bad, just a bit of light to moderate, getting calmer as you make your way northwest. Lightly bumpy descent and landing in PDX. You get to PDX before it really gets windy.

So, that area in and out of LAS won't be super great, unfortunately.


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Just flying over Colorado. Very bumpy. Been bumpy most of the way. They keep trying different altitudes. My brother-in-law who is an SWA pilot said it was rough rides today.