2/14 11:00am atl-hnl dal 837


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This ten-hour flight is going to feel even longer if there's a lot of turbulence. Thanks for any guesses about the trip. The map today is not good, and those reports out of California, yikes.
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Nice northerly flight path. A bit of light to moderate on climb, occasional light to moderate around ATL and Missouri, occasional light to moderate over the rest of the US. Looks like you're avoiding a jet stream flowing in over mid California, you're going to fly over Washington State, but you might run into a bit of light to moderate off the west coast, there's another jet stream lurking in the area. Looks like you're north and west of turbulence for the remainder, very occasional for the rest of the flight, but windy and raining for the landing, so a bit of light to moderate there.

So, probably not as bad as you were fearing, thank Delta for this one.