2/26 SDF-MSP NWA2491 1:40pm


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I have a three-leg trip on Thursday...the other two legs are as follows:

2/26 MSP-SLC NWA573 5:08pm
2/26 SLC-BOI DL4820 9:00pm

Do I need to start new threads for those flights as well, or can I just leave them in this message? Any info on turbulence would be much appreciated as I am a very nervous flyer! Your website is great though, I love all of this information--it's been very helpful.

The first flight is in a CRJ, the second is an A320, and the third...I think it's a CRJ900? I may be able to get on standby for another flight on a B737 for that last leg from SLC to BOI (my husband and I were forced to take that last leg seperately, he's taking the B737 and I'm stuck on the CRJ900), but it's only a 50 min flight. I know the bigger planes are better in turbulence, but I am stuck with two commuter planes in the same day so I'm crossing my fingers!
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Same day flights can stay in one thread. If the dates differ, you need another thread.

Flights look good. Not much to say about them!