3/28 3:25pm pit-dal swa1154


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Heading to Dallas to visit family. Wishing the weather looked more sunny while we are visiting. Thanks again for the forecast!
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Hi, for PIT to DAL on SWA1154.

A bit of wind in PIT for a lightly bumpy takeoff, a bit of light to moderate on climb out of PIT.

A lot of light to moderate just west of your flight path, and bumps tend to move eastwards over time, so you might start running into some as you fly down to DAL, probably in the area of Kentucky. Actually, a lot of bumps really just to the west of your flight path, so it's sort of a race, but the bulk of them appear to be just starting to move over Kentucky.

So, mostly lightly bumpy to smooth if you're out on time with a bit of luck, otherwise a bit of light to moderate in that area

Light to moderate on descent all the way to DAL, probably mostly lightly bumpy top side of the descent, bottom looks a bit bumpier due to elevated winds into DAL, gusts up to 30mph.

So, probably not a super awesome flight, but nothing too bad, just annoyingly bumpy.

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I think we lost the race on this one! Light to moderate bumps the first two hours of the flight then finally smoothed out somewhat for the last 30 mins of cruising. The pilot changed altitude quite a few times in search of smoother air, but there just wasn't any to be found. I give them credit for trying. I don't remember a flight in recent years that the pilots changed altitude as many times as they did.....I think 4 times. Crew attempted service three times and were asked to sit soon after starting each time. They finally got service off with about an hour remaining in the flight. And Dallas approach was as you suggested....bumpy due to the gusting winds.

Thanks for the forecast....at least I knew I could be facing that. Of course in the morning I looked at the maps and thought, this should be a nice smooth day but it worsened the closer we got to fight time.