3/30 9:00am ORD - BZN UA1191


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hi there :)

haven't flown in ages (about 2 years, yikes) and dealing with tons of anxiety about my flight from chicago to bozeman, montana tomorrow because it feels to me like the flight route goes over areas known for turbulence (south dakota?)... hoping as always for a smooth flight :) thank you so much for this service! :)


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Welcome back! Unfortunately looks like some light to moderate seems to be in order for ORD to BZN. Smooths out by Montana's border (but bumpy descent due to an advisory from 16,000 down). The middle part might get quite bumpy, there's a severe advisory over the middle of that region now, but the severe advisory is below 35,000 so I'm thinking you can climb above it and just have light to moderate. Add to that weather out of ORD, it's an unwelcome return to the skies, but hopefully not too bad. At least it's a 737 for such a small airport, so it's not a small plane.

Let us know how it goes!


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Uggggh :( Not what I wanted to hear. I did see the severe advisory tonight but was hoping it might change by tomorrow morning? When I checked the max turb potential maps for 12/15 hours from now it seemed pretty clear other than over IL and part of Iowa. Some moderate I can put up with but severe, ugh :(