3/31 9:10am dal-pit swa4157


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Well I have a funny feeling like the trip down this could be another race with the opposite implications. This time we want to be a tad slow and let some of the front and weather push through more I’m speculating!?!? Definitely expecting some residual wind in Dallas tomorrow morning on take off, and looking like wind into Pittsburgh too? Thanks for the forecast!


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DAL-PIT, SWA 4157, departs 09:20, lands 12:35

You are right, you want that weather to push through, and it almost is, but not quite at landing time, landing just when it's cloudy and rainy in PHL (edit, ok PIT), with gusty winds of 25mph.

Dallas looks to be fairly windy, but not horrible, gusting to about 27mph, so a mostly lightly bumpy takeoff, perhaps a moderate bump or two.

A bit of light to moderate on climb out. Flight looks to be lightly bumpy for most of it, perhaps a moderate bump or two as you make your way over.

Light to moderate on descent, but perhaps more on the lightly bumpy side. When I first looked I was forecasting PHL, but PIT is more to the west so you're on the edge of slightly rougher air.

So, with a bit of luck, not too bad overall, but probably quite a few light bumps.

Tricky forecast, admittedly.


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Out of Dallas was bumpy, then settled out for a bit, then picked up from 20,000 till about 35,000. Then it was a very smooth flight for all of cruising altitude at 39,000. Descent into Pittsburgh was lightly bumpy and approach was nothing unusual for PIT with a bit of winds. All in all a very nice flight, much better than way down.

Thanks again for your forecast. Chat again in a month!