3/31 DFW-RSW Spirit 448 8:19-11:40am


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I'm going to assume you meant 3/30, as that is tomorrow.

I would think some bumps at the start and maybe a bit near RSW due to a jet, but the middle looks ok. RSW part might be the roughest, but probably not THAT bad. Lighter out of DFW.

If it is indeed 3/31, let me know and we'll do a forecast for 3/31.


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You were "right on" for this one. Light out of DFW, smooth until we approached the Gulf, then some occasional light. Descent was smooth until we reached lower altitudes, then quite a bit of chop until landing. I'm not sure where the Gulf Stream was today but winds must have been in our favor as we were on the ground 20 minutes early. Thanks for the great forecast as usual.